Easily and safe way to root Samsung Galaxy devices with CF Auto Root CFAR on latest Nougat TouchWiz firmware

Following Samsung’s Android 7.0 Nougat update for many of its devices like the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, S6, S6 Edge, and the S6 Edge Plus, Note 5, and much more, rooting the firmware update was first on everyone’s mind. However, it wasn’t that difficult though as TWRP and SuperSU 2.79 were already compatible with Android 7.0. Chainfire, the man behind CFAR has updated hundreds of Auto-Root binaries for most of the Samsung smartphones running on Nougat.

What is CFAR CF-Auto-Root? CFAR is by far the safest way to root Samsung devices with an automated process. It comes with Odin flashable SuperSU binaries and APK packages that does only one thing- which is root. So no need to go through the hassle of installing TWRP, Magisk modules, and custom Kernels that may trip Knox counter on your device. CFAR keeps the stock TouchWiz experience intact as well as the stock recovery.

Auto-Root binaries are now being updated to bring root access for stock TouchWiz ROMS based on Android 7.0 Nougat; which is now called Samsung Experience for the listed phones. This includes Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, S7, S7 Edge, S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge Plus, Note 5, Galaxy Tab S3, and much more.

Chainfire XDA on Twitter_ _Over 100 CF-Auto-Roots were updated today androidsage.com

CFAR for Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Android 7.0 Nougat

samsung S7 SM-G930F herolte NRD90M.G930FXXU1DQD7 7.0 Download
samsung S7 SM-G930K heroltektt NRD90M.G930KKKU1DQD3 7.0 Download
samsung S7 SM-G930L heroltelgt NRD90M.G930LKLU1DQD3 7.0 Download
samsung S7 SM-G930P heroqltespr NRD90M.G930PVPS4BQC1 7.0 Download
samsung S7 SM-G930R4 heroqlteusc NRD90M.G930R4TYU4BQC5 7.0 Download
samsung S7 SM-G930S herolteskt NRD90M.G930SKSU1DQD3 7.0 Download
samsung S7 SM-G930T heroqltetmo NRD90M.G930TUVS4BQC1 7.0 Download
samsung S7 SM-G930U heroqlteue MMB29M.G930UUES4AQC1 6.0.1 Download
samsung S7 SM-G930V heroqltevzw NRD90M.G930VVRU4BQC5 7.0 Download
samsung S7 SM-G930W8 heroltebmc NRD90M.G930W8VLU2BQB6 7.0 Download
samsung S7 SM-G9350 hero2qltechn NRD90M.G9350ZHU2BQD2 7.0 Download
samsung S7 SM-G935F hero2lte NRD90M.G935FXXU1DQD3 7.0 Download
S7 Edge SM-G935K hero2ltektt NRD90M.G935KKKU1DQD3 7.0 Download
S7 Edge SM-G935L hero2ltelgt NRD90M.G935LKLU1DQD3 7.0 Download
S7 Edge SM-G935P hero2qltespr NRD90M.G935PVPS4BQC1 7.0 Download
S7 Edge SM-G935R4 hero2qlteusc NRD90M.G935R4TYU4BQC5 7.0 Download
S7 Edge SM-G935S hero2lteskt NRD90M.G935SKSU1DQD3 7.0 Download
S7 Edge SM-G935T hero2qltetmo NRD90M.G935TUVS4BQC1 7.0 Download
S7 Edge SM-G935U hero2qlteue NRD90M.G935UUEU4BQD2 7.0 Download
S7 Edge SM-G935V hero2qltevzw NRD90M.G935VVRU4BQC5 7.0 Download
S7 Edge SM-G935W8 hero2ltebmc NRD90M.G935W8VLU2BQB6 7.0 Download

CFAR for Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Android 7.0 Nougat

samsung S8 SM-G950F dreamltexx NRD90M.G950FXXU1AQDG 7.0 Download
samsung S8 SM-G950N dreamlteks NRD90M.G950NKSU1AQDG 7.0 Download
samsung S8 SM-G950U dreamqltesq NRD90M.G950USQU1AQD9 7.0 Download
samsung S8 SM-G950W dreamqltevl NRD90M.G950WVLU1AQD9 7.0 Download
S8 Plus SM-G955F dream2ltexx NRD90M.G955FXXU1AQDG 7.0 Download
S8 Plus SM-G955N dream2lteks NRD90M.G955NKSU1AQDG 7.0 Download
S8 Plus SM-G955U dream2qltesq NRD90M.G955USQU1AQD9 7.0 Download

CFAR for Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Android 7.0 Nougat

samsung S6 SM-G9200 zerofltezc MMB29K.G9200ZCU2DQC1 6.0.1 Download
samsung S6 SM-G9200 zerofltezh MMB29K.G9200ZHU2DPC6 6.0.1 Download
samsung S6 SM-G9208 zerofltezm MMB29K.G9208ZMU2DPG2 6.0.1 Download
samsung S6 SM-G9208 zerofltezt MMB29K.G9208ZTU2DQC1 6.0.1 Download
samsung S6 SM-G9209 zerofltectc MMB29K.G9209KEU2DPC4 6.0.1 Download
samsung S6 SM-G920F zerofltexx NRD90M.G920FXXU5EQD7 7.0 Download
samsung S6 SM-G920I zerofltedv MMB29K.G920IDVS3EQD2 6.0.1 Download
samsung S6 SM-G920K zerofltektt NRD90M.G920KKKU3EQC6 7.0 Download
samsung S6 SM-G920L zerofltelgt NRD90M.G920LKLU3EQC5 7.0 Download
samsung S6 SM-G920P zerofltespr NRD90M.G920PVPU4DQC7 7.0 Download
samsung S6 SM-G920R4 zeroflteusc MMB29K.G920R4TYU3CPB4 6.0.1 Download
samsung S6 SM-G920S zeroflteskt NRD90M.G920SKSU3EQC5 7.0 Download
samsung S6 SM-G920T zerofltetmo MMB29K.G920TUVU5EQC2 6.0.1 Download
samsung S6 SM-G920T zeroflteue MMB29K.G920TUEU3DPD6 6.0.1 Download
samsung S6 SM-G920T1 zerofltemtr MMB29K.G920T1UVU5EQC2 6.0.1 Download
samsung S6 SM-G920V zerofltevzw NRD90M.G920VVRS4DQD1 7.0 Download
samsung S6 SM-G920W8 zerofltebmc MMB29K.G920W8VLU3CPC5 6.0.1 Download
samsung S6 SM-G9250 zeroltezc MMB29K.G9250ZCU2DPC3 6.0.1 Download
samsung S6 SM-G9250 zeroltezt MMB29K.G9250ZTU2DQC1 6.0.1 Download
S6 Edge SM-G925F zeroltexx NRD90M.G925FXXU5EQD7 7.0 Download
S6 Edge SM-G925I zeroltedv MMB29K.G925IDVS3EQD1 6.0.1 Download
S6 Edge SM-G925K zeroltektt NRD90M.G925KKKU3EQC6 7.0 Download
S6 Edge SM-G925L zeroltelgt NRD90M.G925LKLU3EQC5 7.0 Download
S6 Edge SM-G925P zeroltespr NRD90M.G925PVPU4DQC7 7.0 Download
S6 Edge SM-G925R4 zerolteusc MMB29K.G925R4TYU3CPB4 6.0.1 Download
S6 Edge SM-G925S zerolteskt NRD90M.G925SKSU3EQC5 7.0 Download
S6 Edge SM-G925T zeroltetmo MMB29K.G925TUVU5EQC2 6.0.1 Download
S6 Edge SM-G925V zeroltevzw NRD90M.G925VVRS4DQD1 7.0 Download
S6 Edge SM-G925W8 zeroltebmc NRD90M.G925W8VLU5DQD1 7.0 Download

CFAR for Galaxy S6 Edge Plus for 7.0 Nougat

S6 Edge+ SM-G9280 zenltezc MMB29K.G9280ZCS2BQC1 6.0.1 Download
S6 Edge+ SM-G9287 zenltezh MMB29K.G9287ZHU2BQB1 6.0.1 Download
S6 Edge+ SM-G9287C zenltedx NRD90M.G9287CDXS3CQD1 7.0 Download
S6 Edge+ SM-G928C zenltejv NRD90M.G928CXXU3CQC8 7.0 Download
S6 Edge+ SM-G928F zenltexx NRD90M.G928FXXS3CQD3 7.0 Download
S6 Edge+ SM-G928G zenlteub MMB29K.G928GUBS3BQD1 6.0.1 Download
S6 Edge+ SM-G928I zenltedv MMB29K.G928IDVU3BPJ2 6.0.1 Download
S6 Edge+ SM-G928K zenltektt NRD90M.G928KKKU3DQC9 7.0 Download
S6 Edge+ SM-G928L zenltelgt NRD90M.G928LKLU3DQC7 7.0 Download
S6 Edge+ SM-G928N0 zenltekx MMB29K.G928N0KOU1BPC5 6.0.1 Download
S6 Edge+ SM-G928P zenltespr NRD90M.G928PVPU3DQC5 7.0 Download
S6 Edge+ SM-G928R4 zenlteusc MMB29K.G928R4TYU2BPB6 6.0.1 Download
S6 Edge+ SM-G928S zenlteskt NRD90M.G928SKSU3DQC7 7.0 Download
S6 Edge+ SM-G928T zenltetmo MMB29K.G928TUVU4DQC2 6.0.1 Download
S6 Edge+ SM-G928W8 zenltebmc NRD90M.G928W8VLU4CQC8 7.0 Download

CFAR for Galaxy Note 5

Note 5 SM-N9200 nobleltezh MMB29K.N9200ZHU3CQD2 6.0.1 Download
Note 5 SM-N9208 nobleltextc NRD90M.N9208XXS3CQD1 7.0 Download
Note 5 SM-N9208 nobleltezt LMY47X.N9208ZTU2AOK3 5.1.1 Download
Note 5 SM-N920C nobleltejv NRD90M.N920CXXU3CQD1 7.0 Download
Note 5 SM-N920G nobleltedd NRD90M.N920GDDS3CQD1 7.0 Download
Note 5 SM-N920G noblelteub MMB29K.N920GUBU2BPC2 6.0.1 Download
Note 5 SM-N920I nobleltedv MMB29K.N920IDVU2BPD2 6.0.1 Download
Note 5 SM-N920K nobleltektt NRD90M.N920KKKU2DQC9 7.0 Download
Note 5 SM-N920L nobleltelgt NRD90M.N920LKLU2DQC7 7.0 Download
Note 5 SM-N920P nobleltespr NRD90M.N920PVPU3DQC5 7.0 Download
Note 5 SM-N920R4 noblelteusc MMB29K.N920R4TYU2BPB6 6.0.1 Download
Note 5 SM-N920S noblelteskt NRD90M.N920SKSU2DQC7 7.0 Download
Note 5 SM-N920T nobleltetmo NRD90M.N920TUVU4EQC6 7.0 Download
Note 5 SM-N920V nobleltevzw NRD90M.N920VVRU3CQB9 7.0 Download
Note 5 SM-N920W8 nobleltebmc NRD90M.N920W8VLU4CQC9 7.0 Download

How to Root any Samsung Galaxy device with CF-Auto-Root (CFAR) on latest TouchWiz Android 7.0 Nougat firmware?

If you do not find your device listed on the above list then head over to the Auto-Root downloads repository. Hold Ctrl+F keys and search for the model number for your phone.


1. Verify your device for compatibility. The listed CFAR is compatible with Samsung Galaxy devices only.

2. Enable USB Debugging and Advanced Reboot on your phone from the Developer Options. Enable  Developer Options by going to Settings>About Phone> Tap on the Build Number several times. Trust the connection by allowing it when you connect it to your PC for the first time.

3. “Enable OEM Unlock” from Developer Options. This is important.

4. Make sure you have latest Odin software. You will also find device drivers there.

CFAR rooting instructions

Step 1: Download the exact CF-Auto-Root file from above. If it comes in a zip file then extract it to get file with .tar or .tar.md5 extension. Transfer it to PC.

Step 2: Now reboot Samsung phone into Download mode or Odin Mode. Do so by turning off your device completely and then press and hold Power button + Volume Down + Home keys for a few seconds. You can also do it from the Advanced Reboot option.

Step 3: Run Odin software on your PC with administrator permissions.

Step 4: While your device is still in the Odin Mode, connect it to your PC using a USB cable.

Step 5: You will see the ID: COM in the Odin turn to Blue.

Step 6: Click on AP option and add the CFAR firmware file. It should show like this — File Path\CF-Auto-Root-zeroflte-zerofltexx-smg920f.tar

Step 7: Make sure that only Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time are selected in the Options tab. Do not select Re-Partition.

Step 8: Verify everything select the Start button.

Step 9: After the PASS! message your device will restart itself.

First reboot may take some time. In order to troubleshoot booting problems and connectivity problems go to this link. Follow and like us on social media. Comment down below if you face any errors.

Thanks to: Chainfire

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4 responses

  1. Roger Johansen Avatar
    Roger Johansen

    It says: “First reboot may take some time”. How long is “some time”? My S7 has been rebooting for 10 minutes and counting after Odin showed “pass”. Should I still wait before trying to reboot manually…?

    1. Dandy Ng Avatar
      Dandy Ng

      that`s means that your phone is brick already, just go to SamMobile and install an official firmware, i tried already with SM-G930U and doesn`t work.

      1. Roger Johansen Avatar
        Roger Johansen

        I had to reset my phone to factory settings. But, something must have happened in the process because when I try to install device updates, I am triggered by a message saying that thw phone has been tampered with and I can no longer install new versions of android…

  2. skinja Avatar

    Has anyone been able to root a Verizon Galaxy S6 on Nougat with this?


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