Download and install Oxygen OS Open Beta 17 for OnePlus 3 and Open Beta 8 for OnePlus 3T

The stock Beta firmware from OnePlus is now being updated to the latest Oxygen OS Open Beta 17 for OnePlus 3 and Beta 8 for OnePlus 3T. The OTA update brings similar changelog as that of the H2OS Beta update released last week. The best part is that the Android security patch has finally been updated to May 2017 from AOSP sources. There are several new features introduced in this update like the Ambient Display 2.0, Lift up Display, sharing option in Shot on OnePlus, and most importantly – the OnePlus’ very own Fonts. However, it doesn’t bring the latest Android 7.1.2 Nougat just yet. maybe, it’s reserved for OnePlus 5.

The UI has also been improved with several stock apps being updated to a newer version including Gallery v1.7, Recorder, Weather app, File Manager, etc. The OnePlus launcher is now even more stable. Optimization has finally come to the OnePlus 3 with management for background running apps. The contacts can now seamlessly be imported from SIM cards. While making calls during roaming, the country codes are automatically added. The full changelog has been listed below. Same goes for the OnePlus 3T Open Beta 8. The manufacturer has also confirmed Android O for the two flagship duo.

What’s new with latest Oxygen OS Open Beta 17/8?

New additions:

  • Ambient display 2.0
  • Lift up display
  • Sharing functionality for Shot on OnePlus
  • All new OnePlus Font (Available in English, Chinese, and Japanese only)

UI Improvements:

  • Gallery v1.7
  • Recorder v1.6
  • Weather v1.7
  • File Manager v1.7
  • Other UI refinements

System Optimizations:

  • Enhanced launching speed of 3rd-party apps
  • Optimized management of foreground and background processes

Other changes:

  • Setup wizard adjusted to suit the style of Android 7.1
  • Refined contact import process from SIM card, now supports dual numbers and an email address
  • Automatically add corresponding country codes when making calls during roaming
    Updated Android Security Patch level to 1st May 2017

Oxygen OS Open Beta 178 Screenshot_20170601-094502

Download Oxygen OS Open Beta 17/8

As the Beta updates are readily available across the globe, if your device is running the previous Open Beta updates, you will be prompted of an OTA notification from ‘System Updates’. On the contrary, if your device is running stock Oxygen OS 4.1.4 or OOS 4.1.3, then you can do a local upgrade using the steps listed below. You may also like to visit – Easily switch between Oxygen OS, Open Beta, and Hydrogen OS.

Full ROM zip

  • OnePlus 3 Open Beta 17 | Download | full firmware package
  • OnePlus 3T Open Beta 8 | Download | full firmware package

OTA zip files

  • OnePlus 3 Open Beta 17 | Download | OTA update
  • OnePlus 3T Open Beta 8 | Download | OTA update

How to install Oxygen OS Open Beta 17/8 onto OnePlus 3/3T?

If your OnePlus 3 is running the previous Open Beta update, then simply go to Settings, System updates, and Check for OTA updates. The OTA will start downloading and tap on the link to install it automatically via stock recovery.

Alternatively, if your device is running official Oxygen OS 4.1.3, the do a ‘Local Upgrade’. See the steps below:

  • Make sure your device is running on stock recovery and not TWRP.
  • Also, make sure the firmware is stock Oxygen OS.
  • Download the Open Beta full firmware file from above.
  • Transfer the Beta zip to phone’s internal storage. of OnePlus 3. Place it in the root directory.
  • Go to Settings, System Updates, and tap on the Settings icon on top right corner.
  • Select the Local Upgrade option.
  • Tap on the firmware file that will be shown.
  • Install the Beta full package via Local Upgrade option.
  • Reboot to system.

That’s it. Enjoy the latest Oxygen OS update on your OnePlus 3/3T. For queries, comment down below.


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