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Google’s recent Keynotes (I/O 2024) unveiled new features coming to Android Auto as well as Android Automotive OS. While the event was all about Gemini AI, the Android maker did feature a blog post named Android for cars, unveiling what’s coming to Android Auto, built-in Google cars, and Android Automotive OS (AAOS)

For one, you can now watch episodes of your favorite shows on HBO Max and Peacock as these platforms will come to Android Auto. Games like Angry Birds will also be released later.

The highlight of the new feature is Google Cast (formerly Chromecast built-in) which will be integrated for Android Auto and cars with Android Automotive OS. This feature allows you to seamlessly cast video content from your phone or tablet to your car’s display, providing even more entertainment options.

YouTube video

Additionally, Google introduced new quality tiers to streamline the process of adapting existing apps for Android Auto.

To expedite the integration of mobile apps into cars, Google has launched the Car Ready Mobile Apps Program. This initiative aims to bring mobile apps to cars without additional development work from developers.

The Car Ready mobile apps program will accelerate the availability of apps on Android Auto.

Read all about the upcoming changes in our article: Android Auto gets Google Cast Feature and Car Ready Mobile Apps for Compatibility with More Apps.

What’s new with Android Auto 12?

Google just released a major Android Auto v12 under stable channel featuring new Material Your design for your phone settings app; which complements Coolwalk UI on your Android Auto. Google is also brought a permanent toggle for Weather widget for car head unit featuring new Coolwalk UI.

The new UI is streamlined to match the Material You Design across all the apps on latest Android OS. Android Auto also lets you completely disable Message Notifications.

Google will be releasing exciting upgrades to Android Auto based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) like the upcoming Gemini integration which can now replace the default Google Assistant on your phone. But that may take a while before it happens.

Google is working on real-time battery information on Android Auto on Google Maps; great for electric vehicles. Planned trips from Google Maps from phone to their cars would be a great feature to have.

The latest update may have fixed Android Auto automatically switching to Google Maps when users request navigation through Google Assistant bug; found in previous update.

Google Podcasts is no longer available as the app nears end-of-life, and the official replacement, YouTube Music is here for Android Auto integration. If you have the Google Podcast app available, it is wise to uninstall it.

Android Auto 12.0.642004 stable version is now available for download. The update should automatically apply your Android theme by changing the layout to Material You design. The buttons and toggles are now round. The theme is also darker and will switch depending on the phone configuration.

Material You Design for Android Auto

Should work well on Android 12 or above.

New Weather widget toggle is now being implemented into the phone settings.

Material You Design for Android Auto and Weather Widget

Notifications with Assistant toggle is also present, wherein the Google Assistant will read messages out loud. You can also disable it completely.

Material You Design for Android Auto Notifications with Assistant

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