Android Auto lets you completely disable message notifications

Google pushed Android Auto 11.8 recently to the stable channel featuring the new Material Your design for phone settings, to streamline the design across all the apps and the latest Android OS.

However, there’s another update that you may have missed is the ability to completely disable message notifications on Android Auto. Previously, users could only disable the pop-up notifications, but messages still appeared in the notification section. Now, with the new settings like “Show message notifications” and the new addition “Notifications with Assistant” users have the option to turn off message notifications entirely.

You can now completely disable message notifications on Android Auto

This update, available in server side and primarily available for the users on beta version like Android Auto v11.9 listed below. However, we have noticed the stable version of Android Auto also have this option for some.

The disable notification option came with Android Auto’s AI Summaries feature. It can be found under Android Auto > Settings > Under Messaging.

This privacy and reduced distraction feature is apparently available since Android Auto 11.4 beta. Users now have greater control over their notification settings now who frequently drive with passengers.

Furthermore, Android Auto has brought and is focusing on artificial intelligence (AI) features like AI Summaries, integrate real-time battery information with Google Maps, share planned trips from Google Maps from phone to their cars.

New Material You Design for Android Auto

Android Auto 11.8.6416 now features a revamped design for settings menu on the phone. The buttons and toggles are now round. The theme is also dark and will switch depending on the phone configuration.

However, the new Material Your design change is still a server side switch. So not everyone will get it right away. A couple of force stops and restarts may trigger the new UI.

The previous updates featured the following:

  • Android Auto update brings AI Summaries feature that condenses messages for easier comprehension while driving.
  • New UI for Google Assistant takes up less space on the screen.
  • Electric vehicles using Android Auto can now share battery data with Google Maps, providing drivers with estimated arrival battery level and suggesting charging stops.
  • Cars with Google built-in can now send planned trips from Google Maps on phones directly to the car.
  • New apps like Chrome browser (beta for select cars), PBS KIDS, Crunchyroll, and The Weather Channel app are available for Android Auto.
  • Digital car key functionality is expanding to select Volvo cars.

Download Android Auto 11.9 Beta APK

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