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The most anticipated Android Auto Coolwalk update is now rolling out to many users across the globe via stable and beta channels. More users are reportedly receiving the new Coolwalk interface change with Android Auto 8.9 beta or later. Here, download the latest Android Auto 8.9.630 stable version with all the latest features.

Starting Android Auto 8.9, Google has removed dependency for rotary and touchpad from the system. This has been verified with DHU and HUR by some users. With these restrictions gone, Android Auto can unlock several features, including Coolwalk, on most car head units.

The latest update also enables Coolwalk support for third-party apps including Waze, WhatsApp, Google Messages, etc. These apps now support Android Auto’s ‘Coolwalk’ dashboard.

Furthermore, you will soon be able to make WhatsApp calls directly from Android Auto. You will be able to accept incoming calls as well for a hands-free experience.

While you can already use and share your digital car key across Pixel and iPhone, Key sharing is coming to Samsung and Xiaomi phones with this update. Key sharing makes it easier for trusted friends and family to access your car.

The previous Android Auto 8.8 beta brought Coolwalk UI and tons of features and capabilities like WhatsApp calling and answer support, digital car key, Material You support, key sharing, and much more. All these features have been implemented in the next update.

Learn more about what’s new with this update below.

Animation showcasing digital car key, Android Auto and cars with Google built-in

What’s new with Android Auto 8.9 update?

The new Coolwalk user interface (UI) is now available for all Android Auto users via stable channel. You must download the latest Android Auto v8.9 APK on your phone and connect it to the car head unit.

Read all about Android Auto Coodwalk UI here.

The new design focuses on three crucial tasks for drivers: navigation, communication with friends and family, and listening to music or podcasts.

Google Maps has been moved closer to the driver’s seat, allowing you to see where you’re headed at a glance.

The redesigned media card incorporates the best of Material You to highlight your favorite album art, and the new fast launcher allows you to access recently-used apps swiftly.

Furthermore, the split screen arrangement is adjustable to many screen sizes, so it looks seamless on all car displays with widescreen, portrait, or any other screen size.

Google Assistant now makes intelligent recommendations, such as missed call reminders, speedy arrival time-sharing, and instant access to music or podcasts.

On-screen shortcuts expedite message responses and phone calls to favorite contacts.

In addition, Google is introducing a seekable progress bar for music and podcasts so you may skip ahead in a song or episode.

Finally, starting with the latest Pixel and Samsung phones, you can soon make calls using WhatsApp with Android Auto.

You can currently share your digital car key between Pixel and iPhone to provide trusted friends and family access to your automobile.

Samsung phones will soon support key sharing, while Xiaomi users will be able to use and share digital auto keys later this year.

Cars with Google built-in bring Google Assistant, Google Maps, and more apps from Google Play directly to the car screen without relying on a phone, so drivers can just get in and go.

Read more about the new Android Auto Update from Google’s Blog. OR watch the video below.

YouTube video

If you are an Android Auto beta tester, follow this tutorial on how to force enable Coolwalk on any AA-enabled device.

Download Android Auto 8.9 APK (Stable version)

Here, download the latest stable Android Auto 8.9.630603 APK featuring Coolwalk for all car displays, Material You Design, and Dark Theme for the phone settings app.

In order to use Android Auto in your vehicle, you must have an Android phone running 8.0 or above and a high-quality USB cable for a wired connection.

The complete version is Android Auto 8.9 stable.

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How to enable Coolwalk? Troubleshooting

Tutorial: How to Enable Coolwalk on Android Auto without Root.

While Google enables Coolwalk via a server-side switch (for both beta and stable channels), many have received the update by forcing it.

Beta build does activate Coolwalk for many on the phone. However, when plugged phone to car, it was back to the old UI. Doing a data clean and reboot is recommended, and it will be back to coolwalk.

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