How to Enable Coolwalk on Android Auto without Root?

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How to enable Android Auto coolwalk ui without root

The most anticipated Coolwalk UI for Android Auto is reportedly being rolled out publicly via beta program. You can get the brand-new Android Auto UI on any car head unit by downloading the latest Android Auto 8.5 beta APK Coolwalk. If you don’t see the new Android Auto UI on your car headunit, here is how to force enable Coolwalk without root.

Google teased the upcoming Android Auto interface, officially called Coolwalk, last year. After over a year of silence, the new UI has finally arrived with Android Auto 8.5 beta. You can sign up as a beta tester from Play Store.

Several users including Robotjoek, Peter_73, DrMp3z have received it.

While the beta program may be full, you can also download the latest Android Auto 8.5 APK from below for your Android 8.0+ running device and get the new UI.

What is Android Auto’s Coodwalk UI?

Googe teased the new Android Auto UI featuring called Coolwalk somewhere last year and also teased in IO May 2022 event. It comes with major multitasking features via split-screen. You can use maps, play music, and see important notifications all in one interface.

This is a great design for car displays as you don’t need to keep switching to other apps in order to get important information.

Coolwalk enables the user to run numerous apps side by side in what seems to be a card-based interface. It is cleaner, more organized, and displays information in split-screen. Coolwalk has a UI inspired by Apple CarPlay dashboard.

According to Android Authority, the key highlights include:

  • Google Maps is now larger and easier to access in the new dashboard, which is closer to the driver.
  • The media card on the dashboard has a completely new appearance and dynamically expands and contracts.
  • Users now have more options for layouts on large screens thanks to the ability to make the map occupy the entire Android Auto space.
  • To make it simple to switch between recently used apps with just one tap, a new app dock has been added to the rail.
  • More system components now use Material You and have modernized UI elements and layouts.
  • With just one swipe of the dashboard media card, you can now access Google Assistant’s recommendations for music and other media.

Checkout Android Auto Coolwalk UI in action:

Android Auto coolwalk ui video

Users can take the advantage of this platform in any vehicle which offers integration with the platform. There are more than 500 different vehicles that offer this support. Some of these include Nissan, Toyota, Hyundai, Ford, etc.

How to force enable Coolwalk on Android Auto? Non-Root method

In order to force enable Coolwalk on Android Auto 8.5 or later, you need to clear AA cache and reboot your phone. Launch AA again and it starts working right away! See the instructions below.

Note that Android Auto needs Android phone running 8.0 or above and a high-quality USB cable for a wired connection in order to load it in your car headunit.


Screenshot tutorial:

Note: you may need to do this a couple of times to get coolwalk on some Android phones.

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