How to Stream Mobile Games on Twitch: An Ultimate Guide

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Stream Mobile Games on Twitch

Nowadays, it is hard to find someone who does not enjoy playing a game or two. Or more. We live in the era of entertainment for anyone to find a game to one’s liking not only to play but also to share this exciting experience with the whole world. Amazing as it is. 

Being used by the majority of players (whether it’s on mobile devices, desktops or gaming consoles), Twitch is a prominent service for broadcasting gameplaying. And when offline, it provides users with a personal twitch offline banner, that you customize so that it just looks cool. Here we cover several apps for the gamers to feel it all when experiencing streaming. 

Sharing mobile game playing: where to start? 

Usually, broadcasting implies sharing live video footage from your computer or gaming console to achieve a good picture, but it doesn’t mean that you will not be able to share with the world how you master mobile games. Whether you are an iOS or Android fan, Twitch is always on your side to connect to the world. To do so, gamers first of all should download the needed computer software or an app appropriate to the OS of your portable device. In addition to that, a live broadcasting application will also be needed, provided you already have a Twitch account. Placing a webcam with a mic, as well as downloading special soft that we are going to talk about is also a must if you are preparing to share your skills from your computer. 

Streaming on Twitch: how to make it super fun?

To stay connected with your fans, installing an app will appear to be the simplest thing to do. So many apps exist in this field, this article will highlight Mobcrush and StreamLabs.

  1. Mobcrush is a crush?
Streaming on Twitch how to make it super fun

This application is easy to be downloaded from Google Play or App Store for free, which is just enough to happily customize your streaming and get the best out of it. Before doing so, be sure that you have allowed access within applications, otherwise, Mobcrush is not having the permission to record your actions when playing. Screen Recording has to be switched on as well. You can find this feature in the Control Center of your device. 

Having downloaded the application, sign in with either a Mobcrush, Facebook or Google account. It is surely advised to create a Mobcrush account to sign in, especially if you are a regular user of Twitch. Press the Broadcast Icon from the menu, choose to continue with Twitch — have fun streaming! The video of yours is also automatically saved and shown on Mobcrush.

When choosing a game to play, the app will provide you with a list of the most demanded games. If your game is not on the list, select “the other” and customize your session. Be wise to save all the changes that you’ve made to adjust your cast. 

As you have it all done, start the game that you have decided to play. When you have all it on, Screen Recording must be switched on and as well as the Microphone Audio feature if recording audio is also planned. As soon as you have finished streaming,  end your broadcast by pressing the red timestamp. Now you are all set to do the best shooting with Twitch.

  1. Easy-peasy video sharing with StreamLabs
Easy-peasy video sharing with StreamLabs

Mobcrush, as well as StreamLabs, is also to be downloaded by both Android and iOS users. When the download is complete, broadcasting on Twitch becomes real for you. Apply your Twitch login to sign in and hit the Stream button. Now you are all set. Choose a game that you are keen on playing. Rush on streaming!

Streaming mobile games on Twitch from your computer

Mobile applications usually have certain limitations when broadcasting live videos, thus you might want to connect your device’s screen to your computer as well as use more robust software, e.g. OBS. 

To do so, you might install the Reflector 3 app, also available for both iOS and Android devices, in order to connect your portable device to a computer. Having established a connection between your devices, start your software for live streaming, pick a Twitch platform to transmit to and add provide all the media sources to stream correctly and without problems. Hit the Start Streaming button and have fun.

Make your picture perfect with Wondershare Filmora

Make your picture perfect with Wondershare Filmora

When it comes to editing players’ footage, Wondershare Filmora is a good choice of a video editor for sure. All its nice, cool features for overlay and filter, for gameplay and animations, will definitely help your videos look stunning. Download the free trial version and go wild with your imagination.

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