Windows 7 comes to an end! Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro for just €11.82

Microsoft Windows is one of the most popular operating systems in the world and has been that way for decades now. Every few years, there is a new Windows version available for download. However, none became as popular as the Windows 10. Windows 7 was also very popular. But Windows 7 come to an end of support in January 2020 for personal computers at home. So in order to safeguard your computer and keep getting the security updates, Windows 10 upgrade is a must. Solution? G2deal is currently offering cheap software and games licenses including Windows 10 for as low as 11 EUROS.

However, The Windows operating system license is quite expensive. The price can go over $100 for the professional version. So if you didn’t get the latest Windows 10 system with your computer, you may have another investment to look forward to. You can get a new license at a fraction of the normal price through G2deal. You can buy Windows10 Pro today with a special discount code for just € 11.82.

The latest Windows 10 now has a revamped user interface and is suitable for all purposes including gaming, business, photography, video editing, photoshop, cinematography, etc. However, due to ever-changing tech, one could get caught up into choosing the best operating system for your computer. No more, because the Microsoft Windows 10 license keys are on sale.

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How to get an original Windows 10 Pro license at a cheap price?

All you need to do is install Windows 10 Pro from Microsoft website or otherwise on your computer as usual. Later, purchase a license from G2deal. Don’t forget to enter the coupon code “SAGE20” at checkout for a 20% discount! You will get the Product key from the website. Once you have installed Windows, go to Control Panel> System and Security> System. Find the “Change Product Key” button in the window. Enter the license key and you are all done. Windows 10 will be activated!

In an interview with the Lithuania representation of Microsoft, we asked, among other things, the issue of cheap resale of software licenses. The reality is that, although Microsoft is not happy with such resale, it does not solve the situation for home users and recognizes the license as valid. So it’s a way to get a functional software license cheaply.

There is a special discount coupon exclusively for our readers! Now, get a 20% discount using the coupon code “SAGE20 ” on checkout to get a special 20% discount on the most popular Microsoft software like Windows and Office. 

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