Download BGMI 3.2.0 APK + OBB [Battlegrounds Mobile India 3.2]

Battlegrounds Mobile India 3.2 update patch notes just released with the release date set for today May 28, 2024. The game’s features Mecha Fusion Theme Mode will be available for download later today. The testing phase is complete and final 3.2.0 release is here. Here, download the latest Battlegrounds Mobile India 3.2.0 APK + OBB India version.

The highly anticipated BGMI 3.2 update is here, and it’s packed with a variety of exciting new features, content, and gameplay improvements. Here are the key highlights of the patch notes including new Mechas, vehicles, gameplay devices, combat improvements, and more.

New Themed Mode Mecha Fusion

New Mecha Vehicles

The 3.2 update changeloog is taken from PUBG Mobile 3.2 patch notes introduces an array of unique mecha vehicles to spice up gameplay.

  • Levitron: The Levitron is a special vehicle with the ability to switch between speed form and vehicle form. In speed form, it achieves higher speeds and float heights, along with a “collision acceleration” ability, which prevents it from slowing down upon hitting obstacles. Instead, it gains momentum from stored magnetic energy. In vehicle form, the Levitron can activate a “magnetic arm” to grab and toss characters, vehicles, and specific objects.
  • Strider: The Strider is a two-seater vehicle equipped with missiles that can bombard designated areas. It can also jump, providing an advantage in mobility and combat situations. Missiles can be replenished at the Repair Station.
  • Armamech: The Armamech is a four-seater mecha created by combining the Levitron and Strider or summoned from the Steel Ark. It has the ability to switch between two different weapons: the Levitron’s “magnetic arm” and the enhanced version of the Strider’s missile launcher, allowing for wide-range bombardment. Additionally, it can jump great distances and be separated back into its component parts.

New Locations and Stages

The 3.2 update introduces a new stage and an assembly base with special features and resources.

Steel Ark: The Steel Ark is a massive battleship that lands on Erangel, offering an intense battleground for players to explore. The Steel Ark contains numerous supplies and equipment for players to scavenge. Additionally, if players get defeated, they can wait for the Wingman at the landing pad to fly them to the center of the Playzone.

Assembly Base: Several Assembly Bases are scattered throughout the map. These bases contain Mecha Repair Stations for replenishing mecha health, fuel, and missiles. The top floor of each Assembly Base has a detector to locate crates, which may contain Access Cards to unlock secret rooms with additional supplies.

New Gameplay Mechanics

The update also introduces new gameplay mechanics, enhancing the overall experience.

Repair Station: Approaching the Repair Station in a mecha will replenish its health, fuel, and missiles, providing a critical resource during intense battles.

Quick Parachute: A new quick parachute button allows players to deploy their parachutes at a certain height, providing greater control over their descent.

New Character Items

The update brings several new items to improve combat versatility and survival.

Jetpack: The Jetpack increases movement speed and allows players to hover in the air for short durations, although it rapidly consumes energy. It also provides a health bar that protects the player from damage to their back and arms.

Personal AED: With this item, players can self-rescue after being knocked down, giving them a chance to recover without relying on teammates. It is a one-time-use item, and self-rescue will be interrupted if the player moves during the process.

Magnet Gun: This is a downgraded version of the Levitron’s “magnetic arm,” allowing players to grab and toss objects or characters, though with reduced strength.

Respawn Flare Gun: This works similarly to the traditional flare gun but allows teammates to respawn immediately via plane, offering a chance for revival in dire situations.

WOW Gameplay Update

The 3.2 update includes new gameplay devices, improved parameters, and additional content for the WOW mode.

New Gameplay Devices

  • Contested Object Device: This device spawns a contested object that players can carry, akin to a “capture the flag” scenario.
  • Contested Object Handover Device: This allows players to hand over contested objects for rewards.
  • Defensive Tower Device: This device generates a fixed defense tower with configurable weapon types.

Gameplay Device Improvements

The Special Vehicle Device now supports mecha vehicles, and the PvE Enemy Spawn Device allows players to configure PvE enemy teams. The Map Indicator Device has been improved to support real-time display of icons and text.

Game Parameter Improvements

Players can now retain Shop Tokens within and across matches, and the cost values of objects have been optimized. Additionally, new objects such as the Target Dummy and Soccer Ball have been added to the game.

Basic Combat Improvements

The update includes improvements to basic combat mechanics, offering a more streamlined gameplay experience.

  • In-game Mark: When marking supplies with the universal mark or quick chat, the quantity of the marked supply will now be displayed.
  • Customize Buttons: Players can now copy their Arena Mode layout to use in Classic Mode.
  • Auto Pick Up: Players can choose whether to discard or keep their previous melee weapon after picking up a new one.

Metro Royale

The 3.2 update brings new content and improvements to the Metro Royale mode.

New Honor Rewards: Chapter 20 introduces new Honor rewards, including Elite Avatar, Hero Avatar Frame, and Legendary Name Tag, which can be claimed upon reaching the corresponding Honor level.

Collectibles Cabinet Updates: Chapter 20 offers new collectibles, and specific Fabled collectibles can now be displayed in the player’s Space. Materials can be used to unlock the Home decoration perk for placing certain Fabled collectibles.

Feature Improvements

  • Player EXP and Companion EXP can now be earned in Metro Royale matches.
  • New firearms include P90 (Cobra) and P90 (Steel Front).
  • Firearms will be reloaded by default at the preparation stage.
  • A new feature allows players to open multiple inventory gift packs at once.

BGMI 3.2 Release Date

The BGMI 3.2 release date is set for May 28, 2024. The game will be available for download after May 28. Download the BGMI 3.2 update files from below. The links will be live after May 28, 2024.

Here, download BGMI 3.2 APK and OBB files. This is the full installation zip file. Extract the zip to get the APK and OBB files. Install APK and then move the OBB file to Android > OBB > com.pubg.imobile folder. Installation instructions below.


Here are the APK only files. You may need the OBB files if the game doesn’t launch. See below.

Note: This is the full installation file with OBB. Extract the zip to get the APK. Install APK and then move the.OBB file to Android > OBB > com.tencent.ig folder.

Download instructions: While you can still download BGMI Mobile game safely from the Play Store listing directly from Google servers globally including North America, Europe, and the rest of Asia, the listing may not show for Indian users. You may need a VPN to download via direct link. So you can download the APK from below and OBB for offline downloads.

How to Install APK + OBB?

  • First, install the BGMI APK.
  • Launch BGMI.
  • It should start downloading OBB files automatically.
  • It should create a proper OBB folder.
  • If not, download the OBB file, and rename .xapk to .zip.
  • Extract to get folder with APK and OBB files named
  • Paste the OBB file under Android > OBB > com.pubg.imobile folder. Then launch the BGMI app again.

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