samsung note 10+ camera cutout notification led ring

Samsung Good Lock’s September 2019 update is here with some exciting new features. You can now add an LED notification ring around the camera cutout area on the latest Galaxy Note 10/10+ phones. This ring can act as a notification indicator particularly for Galaxy devices that lack the dedicated LED indicator module. This new functionality can be implemented using the newly introduced lighting effect called “Black Hole” found in the latest EdgeLighting + Good Lock plugin.

Moreover, Samsung’s new navigation gesture implementation using One hand Operation + plugin got updated recently with new functions and features. You will see new features like hide on lock screen, start application, Quick Tools, and new Task Switcher function. More on that below. Another module called Task Changer plugin has been updated with gesture vibration and fix for the layout problems while changing screen resolution. Here is the latest Samsung Good Lock 2019 APK updat from September 2019 along with various modules like Lock Star, Quick Star, Routines, Task Changer, Clock Face, NotiStar, NavStar, and more.

You can also install Good Lock on other Samsung phones running Android 8.0 Oreo or later like the Galaxy M30, M20, M10, Galaxy A50, A60, A70, A80, A30; including the flagships – Galaxy S7 (Edge), Note 8/9, Galaxy S9(Plus)/S8(Plus), and the S10 series and Note 10 series phones too. So download latest Samsung Good Lock 2019 September update featuring notification ring for Galaxy Note 10/10+, new One hand Operation + settings, and more.

What’s new with Good Lock September 2019 update?

Huge update comes to the popular One Hand Operations + plugin for Good Lock 2019 which is a new swipe gesture implementation by Samsung for all Galaxy devices. The latest version brings new “Quick Tools” update with enhanced GUI. You will also see new functions for Quick Tools with newly added functions such as Bluetooth, WiFi, Rotation, and more. You will also see new quick Task switcher dedicated to the gesture plugin. Here is the complete changelog:

< Version.2.5.41 >

  • Added new functions on “Quick tools”. ( BT, Wifi , Rotation, etc )
  • Added “Start application” feature
  • Added “Hide on lock screen” setting
  • Enhanced “Quick tools” as GUI version
  • Enhanced “Task switcher” by adding “starred app” feature ( by long press app item )
  • Modified to set size/position of left/right handle separately
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Fixed that handle does not deliver click event to running apps. (Tablets/P-OS)
  • Fixed the Bixby page showing problem on some devices.
  • Fixed the right handle disappear problem on Tab S5e.

Thanks to Reddit users early_to_mid80s, ledessert, and Gimme_YOURKarmaQuick (source below) for the images.

How to access Quick Tools and Task Switcher in One Hand Operation+?

Launch “one hand operation+” app > choose Right or Left handle > choose straight or diagonal > bottom of the list > quick tools. is how you get the control box from op’s screenshot.

Changelog for Task Changer: [v2.6]

  • Addded gesture vibration.
  • Fixed layout problems when changing resolution.
  • Added stabilization code.
  • Calibrated not to scroll too fast. (Stack Layout)
  • Modified some multi-window related bugs.
  • Minor bug fix.

Changelog for EdgeLighting +:

EdgeLighting+ has added a new effect called Black Hole. As reported by Sammobile, the new effect for the EdgeLighting + is called Black Hole, which will add a notification led around the camera cutout for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+. If you missed, here is a tutorial on how to add a notification ring on any Samsung Galaxy device including Note 10+.

Here are the screenshots:

samsung note 10+ camera cutout notification led ring

There have been many other updates to the other Good Lock plugins previously. Here is the latest update log:


  • Fixed the issue that the phone performance has deteriorated after receiving notifications.


  • Added the option to hide a location in the indicator area.
  • Fixed the panel round issue after modifying the overlapping area between quick panel.
  • Fixed Chinese translation errors.


  • Fixed the issue where the option of rotation button is not maintained after reboot.
  • Fixed the navigation bar to be invisible if theme was not applied through the theme default setting

Download Good Lock 2019 September updated APK

Here are the direct links to Good Lock plugins available on Galaxy App store. Open the following links using your Samsung Galaxy device!

Alternatively, if Good Lock 2019 is not yet available in your region, then you can still use Good Lock. Simply download the APK files from below and install it directly as normal apps.

Here are the APK Downloads:

Good Lock may be area restricted, you will see blank when you open it. If this happens, use the Good Lock 2018 installation tutorial tor see how to install and use the latest Good Lock apps in regions where it is not yet available. Following is an alternative to Good Lock APK.

Good lock 2019 Alternative NiceLock APK download

Good Lock may not be available in your region error occurs if the manufacturer has not made the modules available in your country or your specific device model. You can bypass this by downloading the Good Lock alternatives such as BadLock or NiceLock along with the Nice Lock companion app where you can directly download the APK files and updates for the same.

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