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Samsung is reported to roll out the official Android 9.0 Pie beta update as soon as tomorrow; November 15, 2018. The manufacturer will start the Samsung Beta Registration for the newly introduced Samsung One UI v1.0 based on Android P. The firmware will feature all the Android 9.0 goodies including adaptive battery, adaptive brightness, app actions, slice, new Samsung swipe gestures, and much much more. Good Lock’s November 2018 APK update comes in support for Android 9.0 Pie now. So download the latest Good Lock and all of its plugins APK as well.

Good Lock app itself has been updated in compatibility towards the upcoming Android 9.0 Pie firmware by Samsung. So if you have already running Samsung One UI on your Galaxy S9, S9 Plus or the Note 9, then this could be the best time to install Good Lock 2018.

Apart from that, we see some stability improvements for other Good Lock plugins including Lock Star, Quick Star, Task Changer, Routines, One Hand Operations +, Edge Touch, and Edge Lighting+. We already have the newly introduced MultiStar plugin for advanced multitasking purposes. But it only supports Android 8.1 Oreo firmware or later; meaning the Note 9. The stunning Samsung Edge Gestures called One Hand Operation + is now being updated with several optimizations and bug fixes.

Update Log LockStar v1.0.00.60

The LockStar addon weighs about 5.20 MB in size and here’s what’s new with the November 2018 update.

• Improved that the problem which some apps listed in app shortcuts are invisible
– caused by inconsistency with app shortcut information due to changes in the app’s internal information
-Remove inconsistent app information from app shortcuts list

Update Log QuickStar v1.2.00.2

There is now changelog listed on the Galaxy App Store for the QuickStar Plugin.The app is light weight with only consuming 2.72 MB in size.

• This update fixed a problem that when Simple Indicator is rebooted in the entire OFF state, it turns back on again.

Update Log for Routines v1.0.33.6

The Routines Plugin weighs about 8.50 MB in size. Routines is similar to the Tasker app available on the Play Store. You can create certain automated tasks for different operations.

•Improved NFC action behavior errors
•Fixed problem that value of battery remaining condition is 100% in edit page, though it is set to 0%

Update Log One Hand Operation + v1.8.27

The One Hand Operation + plugin comes in a small package of 1.47 MB considering the functionality it brings. in size. This particular plugin adds new Samsung Navigation Gestures functionality similar to Android 9.0 Pie introduced in One UI.

• Implement the Routine interlock functionality. ( Oreo )
• Fix touch malfunction on tablet devices
• Fix memory leak problem when setting On / Off.
• Fix problem that could not set “none” for short horizontal direction.
• Fixed problem of Back key operation even if “none” is set for short diagonal direction.
• Adjust long diagonal-down gesture angle. (to distinguish with long horizontal swipe)

Update Log Task Changer v1.3.01.65

The Task Changer Plugin or addon weighs about 4.62 MB in size. This module brings Android P like UI to the Recent Apps panel. Here’s what’s new with the Nov 2018 update.

• Fixed the overlapping of close all button when hiding navigation bar.
• When using One Hand Operations+, previous app switching function has been improved to work well.

Update Log Edge Touch v1.0.19

The Edge Touch addon weighs only 1.61 MB in size.

• Fixed the problem that the touch zone set by the user is initialized when the proximity sensor is detected during phone call.

Download Good Lock September 20, 2018 Updated APK

Method 1: Galaxy App Store

If you already have Good Lock app installed along with all of its plugins, then you can simply launch the Good Lock 2018 app and tap on the check icon on each plugin. It will direct you to the Galaxy Store page from where you can update.

Method 2: Direct Links to Good Lock Plugins

Alternatively, you can simply visit the links from below. These are direct links to Good Lock plugins on Galaxy App store. Open the following links using your Samsung Galaxy device only!

Method 3: Direct APK Downloads

If Good Lock 2018 is not yet available in your region like France and other parts of Europe, then you can download the APK from below and install it directly.

As Good Lock is area restricted, you will see blank when you open Good Lock. So you can visit our original post about Good Lock 2018 installation tutorial to see how to setup for beginners. Additionally, you can also use Bad Lock as an alternative.

See how to install and use the latest Good Lock August 2018 apps in regions where it is not yet available.

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Now that Samsung Experience 10 based on Android 9.0 Pie is available for Galaxy S9 Plus, we can expect more Good Lock plugin updates for Android P. LockStar, QuickStar, Routines, One Hand Operation + now support the new Samsung Experience Home Launcher as well.

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