How to download and install Verizon Galaxy S6 (Edge) (Plus) Android 7.0 Nougat firmware update

Following the Sprint carrier, the official Android 7.0 Nougat firmware update comes to the Verizon  has already started rolling out the same for other supported Android phones with a new user interface of Samsung Experience. The Nougat update will take the three S6 devices to firmware build number (baseband version) G925VVRS4DQE1, G920VVRS4DQE1, and G928VVRS4DQE1 respectively. All the above OTA updates are based on the May 2017 security patch level.

It all started when Verizon first announced and rolled out the Nougat OTA for various other Samsung supported devices. The carrier later rolled out the same for Galaxy S6 SM-G920V, S6 Edge SM-G925V, and S6 Edge+ SM-G928V. Soon the July 2017 security patch will roll out from Verizon carrier.

The Android 7.0 packs all the Nougat goodies like DND, Doze Mode, new Emojis, and a complete new UX. You can also install the new Samsung S8 launcher and convert your device to the S8 Plus. So download the full firmware package from below and flash it onto your verizon S6 phones via Odin.

Download and install Nougat firmware update onto verizon Galaxy S6/Edge/Plus

For a faster download speed and no restriction or subscription, download SamFirm tool listed here. It will help you download Verizon Galaxy S6 full stock firmware update directly from Samsung servers. You can use it to restore device to complete stock. Here is how to use it for Samsung Galaxy S6.

download latest android 7.0 Nougat firmware update for verizon Galaxy S6 (Edge)(Plus)

Third-party download links for the full stock firmware zips

The following firmware files are first Nougat builds. Hence, the Baseband is different version. You can download the latest from above. Or do an upgrade to Nougat with this and then check for OTA updates.

Verizon Galaxy S6 SM- G920V | Download G920VVRS4DQD1 | Nougat

Verizon Galaxy S6 Edge SM- G925V | Download G925VVRS4DQD1 | Nougat

Verizon Galaxy S6 Edge+ SM- G928V | Download G928PVPU4DQC7 | Nougat

More firmware files:


G920VVRU4CPK2 (6.0.1)
G920VVRU4CPH1 (6.0.1)
G920VVRU4BOG7 (5.1.1)

S6 Edge

G925VVRS4CQA3 (6.0.1)
G925VVRS4CPL3 (6.0.1)
G925VVRU4CPK2 (6.0.1)
G925VVRU4CPD2 (6.0.1)

S6 Edge+

PC2 – (6.0.1)

How to update Verizon Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, and S6 Edge Plus to Nougat OS?

The installation procedure is pretty simple. Here is a short guide to update. For a detailed tutorial, head over to this tutorial.

  • The fist thing you need to do is download the full stock firmware file from above to your PC.
  • Extract the Nougat firmware zip to get a file with .tar extension.
  • Download latest Odin software for Samsung.
  • Run Odin as administrator.
  • Add TAR file to AP section. If there are multiple files, add them to their specific category.
  • Hit start.
  • Reboot device to system.

Once into the system, go to Settings – Software updates – download updates manually and check for any OTA updates available.

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