Download GCAM 8.4.400 APK for all Android devices | Google Camera 8.4.400 MOD APK Port

The popular Google Camera from the latest Pixel 6 series just recently got updated with build v8.4.400. The latest Gcam 8.4.400 APK brings Hotfix for the Pixel 6 Pro device. This means that the previous Gcam 8.3 can now be upgraded to the latest Gcam 8.4.400 APK developed by BSG. Here, download GCAM 8.4.400 MOD APK for all Android devices!

The latest Gcam by BSG is based on the latest Google Camera 8.4.400 build. It comes with new features, bug fixes, Material You visuals, revamped UI, and support for older Pixel smartphones.

Most importantly, the Google Camera 8.4.400 update fixed the issue where the QR code URLs were incorrectly recognized on Android 12. the camera app would use arbitrary rules to add some random periods to URLs throwing 404 errors when you visit the links. Users also got the servers can’t be reached errors. Google reacted quickly and has already provided a fix with Gcam 8.4.400. The latest version of Google Camera doesn’t seem to have the problem anymore.

In addition to this, you get features like Magic Eraser so you can remove strangers and unwanted objects from your photos. You will also find features from the previous Google Camera 8.4. See all the features of the Google Pixel 6 Pro Camera from our previous post Gcam 8.4.200.

The best part about Gcam 8.4 is that it is a modded Google Camera app that can run on most third-party, or non-Pixel, Android smartphones. This includes smartphones from OEMs like Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Asus, Motorola, and more. This particular Gcam 8.4 MOD APK by BSG supports Android 12, 11, 10, or later.

Latest features and camera settings from Gcam 8.4.400 APK MOD

With the additional settings you get with BSG’s Gcam mod, you can customize the app as per you device. You can set the Interface ranging from Pixel 3 to Pixel 6 Pro as per your liking.

Latest Gcam 8.4.400 APK Download (Google Camera 8.4 APK Mod)

Following is the latest Gcam 8.4.400 MOD APK from the popular developer BSG. The developer brings Gcam 8.4 in support of Android 10 or later and can be installed on older Pixel 5, 5XL, 4, 4 XL, 3, 3XL, 2, 2 XL, OG Pixel, and even third-party Android devices.

APK Download

Previous versions:

Most of the functionalities are working. You can tweak the APK from settings > advanced settings for your Android device.

Stay tuned for Gcam 8.4 mod APK from various developers like cstark, Arnova, Parrot, BSG, Urnyx which will be available in the coming days.

Stable Gcam 8

Meanwhile, you can download the more stable Gcam 8.2.400 mod APK for any Android device. You can also install it on Android 11, 10, or even earlier versions like 9.0 Pie. Gcam 8.3 supports Android devices running Android 12, 11, 10, 9 Pie.

You can settle for the previous Gcam 8.1/8.0 mod from renowned developers as well. These are stable and have been tested working on hundreds of Android devices.

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