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September is an exciting month as it marks the end of the Major League Baseball season. This month, baseball fans from all over the country will get to see the best teams face off in the most exhilarating games. Avid baseball fans even plan their vacations based on the upcoming MLB games, and if they happen to be abroad during a game, you can bet they already have a good MLB online free streaming solution.

Nonetheless, once the final games are over, life might get a little dull for baseball fans. To spice things up a little, we have put together a list of the best baseball video games, which should keep you entertained until the new MLB season starts next spring.

#5 Baseball Simulator 1.000

This oldie is definitely a goldie and while it wouldn’t keep modern kids entertained, 90s kids will never forget the tornado batters, the spinning and the ultra-fast pitches that burst into flames.

The game featured 18 teams divided into categories based on their skills. You have 6 weak teams, 6 medium-skilled teams, and 10 pro teams. Among the many impressive features, we remember the bomb hit which exploded when it touched the ground or the shadow-less ball hit. You could even create your own team from scratch, from player names to abilities and stamina, and if you ever got tired of playing, you could simply watch a game.

If you no longer have your 90s Nintendo game console, you can find a similar version of the game online. However, the experience will be infinitely better if you can get your hands on a classic console, especially if you also invite your friends over for a 90s theme gathering.

#4 Super Mario Sluggers

As an amateur, the best thing about playing sports is getting to pick your team members. While video games will never match the experience of teaming up with your friends, it can be very fun to build a team with some of your favorite video game heroes. Such is the case of the Super Mario Sluggers game which won our hearts over with an impressive team-building system featuring all the characters of the Super Mario Universe.

The best part about it is that it actually mattered to whom you played with, as certain characters paired up together better than others. While this game will in no way resemble a real baseball experience, it can be fun for baseball fans and it is intuitive enough that virtually anyone can play it. Moreover, it is a great tribute to the Super Mario Universe.

#3 The BIgs

This arcade-style game was released in 2007 and it is one of the best baseball games of all time. The highlights of this game are the flashy visuals. It also has very intuitive gameplay. When it comes to video games, people don’t really want a realistic design. They want power-ups, turbo speed, and flamboyant visuals, and The Bigs delivers on all areas and it even has play-by-play commentaries by radio host Damon Bruce. This game can be played online with up to 4 players, so if you have two or three friends who will also suffer from MLB withdrawal, you can all detox with a few video-gaming sessions.

#2 MVP Baseball

Considered by many to be one of the best sports video games, this 2005 gem from EA games had impeccable gameplay. PS2 graphics might not be impressive now, but 14 years ago, this game had some impressive visuals. The game was very intuitive in the sense that mostly all that you had to do was hit in the direction of the computer. While the game mechanics were repetitive, combined with the power boosts, the tractors, and the vortexes, they created enough addiction to keep you engaged for hours.

And for those of you with bad memory who are scratching your heads trying to remember that Easter egg that unlocked all stadiums, jerseys, and Hall of Famers, all you had to do was create a random player named Katie Roy.

#1 MLB the Show 18

While we previously mentioned that realism is not what gamers look for in a sports video game, MLB the Show 18 takes realistic graphics and gameplay mechanics to the next level, as it actually makes you feel as if you are watching a real MLB game. It has incredibly realistic physics that makes the ball travel very naturally, bringing variety even to weak hits. The players act not only realistically, but they actually resemble their real-life counterparts. This is the perfect game with which to soothe your MLB blues.

These are but a few of the many baseball games that you can try to get over the end of the MLB season. Start with the classics, and when possible, gather your friends over for a fun game night, seasoned with chips, cold beverages and good times.

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