Download Exynos Galaxy S8 (Plus) to official One UI Beta - Android 9 Pie G950FXXU4ZSA5

Updated: Exynos Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are now receiving One UI beta 3 globally. This is the latest Android 9.0 Pie firmware featuring the Feburary 2019 security patch and many bug fixes and optimizations. The new beta 3 OTA comes with firmware build numbers G950FXXU4ZSAI and G955FXXU4ZSAI for S8 (SM-G950F/FD) and S8+ (SM-G955F/FD) respectively. OTA downloads below.

Samsung’s One UI Beta program is now live for the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, and Note 8 Exynos variants. Yes, you can now update the international variants of S8 (SM-G950F/FD) and S8+ (SM-G955F/FD) to latest Android 9 Pie version. For what we know, the One UI beta is close to stable with minor bugs and many new features to look up to like the Night Mode. So download and install the official One UI beta for Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

We already have the leaked One UI for the Snapdragon Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus available for download with firmware build numbers G950USQU5DRL7 and G955USQU5DRL7. Now, we have the official One UI beta for the Exynos S8 and S8 Plus with firmware build numbers G950FXXU4ZSA5 and G955FXXU4ZSA5 respectively. The update features all the Android 9 Pie goodies, updated Samsung apps, January 2019 security patch, camera scene optimizer toggle, fixed lockscreen pull down lag. Bright Night support is coming soon in next updates. So stay tuned!

You can sign up for the One UI beta program using Samsung Members app. However, it is only live in select countries like Germany, India, etc. So if you do not see a beta registration notice in Samsung Members app, you can directly download the OTA update zip from the downloads section below and update Galaxy S8 (Plus) using stock recovery method or ADB sideload method.

Screenshot 20190119 120847 Settings

Note: Devices with model number SM-G950FD (S8) and SM-G950FD (S8 Plus) received builds G950FXXU4ZSA7 and G955FXXU4ZSA7 respectively and can be updated via Samsung Members app.

Download Exynos Galaxy S8/S8+ One UI Beta 3 [ZSAI]

Here is the official Android 9 Pie beta 3 OTA update captured by Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus users. The installation method is manual and you will need to sideload next OTA updates manually too. So stay tuned as we will update the files here.

Downloads for Galaxy S8: Exynos

Downloads for Galaxy S8 Plus: Exynos

Download Exynos Galaxy S8 (Plus) official One UI Beta [9.0 Pie]

Note that this is the official One UI beta 1 and beta 2 OTA update zips captured by Exynos S8 and S8 Plus users. The installation method is the same and you will need to sideload next OTA updates manually too.

Downloads for Galaxy S8: Exynos

Downloads for Galaxy S8 Plus: Exynos

Odin Flash Tool:

How to update Exynos Galaxy S8 (Plus) to official Android 9.0 Pie One UI Beta

Summary: First, make sure your device is on Android Oreo G950FXXU4CRL3 firmware. Then install Android 9 Pie OTA update zip CRL3 to ZSA5 and then beta 2 and beta 3.

While OTA installation via stock recovery install should work perfectly fine, here is the ADB sideload method. For detailed instructions, visit: How to install Samsung Experience 10 onto Galaxy S9 (Plus)


OTA update zip installation via Stock recovery method:

Step 1: Make sure your Galaxy S8/S8+ is on the Oreo firmware G950FXXU4CRL3 / G955FXXU4CRL3 build. See how to download latest full stock firmware and also see – how to install Samsung stock firmware via Odin flash tool.

Step 2: Download One UI Beta (CRL3 to ZSA5) OTA update file from above. Transfer files to PC, Mac Book, or Linux machine. Also, keep a copy of the update zip on your phone’s storage or SD card.

Step 3: Reboot your Galaxy phone into Recovery mode. To do so, turn of your phone completely and then press and hold Power + Volume Up + Bixby.

Step 4: From the stock recovery mode, use the volume buttons to navigate and select the option “apply update from SD card“.

Step 5: Navigate to the update zip file (CRL3 to ZSA5) in SD card and hit power button to select it.

Step 6: The update will then start. The update can take between 2 to 10 minutes. Once you finish this step, skip to step 13.

Step 7: Repeat the same for the Android 9 Pie OTA update zip CRL3 to ZSA5.

Note: You can also, issue the following command through cmd or terminal to reboot into recovery mode.

adb reboot recovery

OTA update zip installation via ADB sideload method:

Alternatively: If you don’t have an SD Card, use the volume buttons to select the “apply update from adb” option. Then open a command window on you PC

Step 1: Connect Android phone to PC. Now open a command prompt or terminal window on your PC where the OTA update zip is present. To do so, type cmd in address bar and hit Enter key.

Step 2: Now go to device recovery and select “Apply updates from ADB”.

Step 3: Navigate to the location where you have placed the OTA file on your PC. It’s time to flash the OTA by issuing the following command. (Note that you type the exact name with its proper extension.)

adb sideload <filename>.zip

Note: Here it will be adb sideload Put the exact file name in the <filename> section without “<>” and proper extension.

Step 4: Approve the update and wait till the upgrade completes.

Step 5: Reboot device to system.

Note: While, on Mac OS, you can issue “./adb sideload <filename>.zip” command or on Linux type “sudo adb sideload <filename>.zip” to flash the OTA. Check out the complete tutorial from here.

You may also like to see: How to restore back to Android 8.0 Oreo

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