Download latest Magisk V13.1 Beta and Stable

Update: Magisk v13.3 is now available for download with latest SafetyNet check official. Also, download the latest Magisk Manager 5.1.1 APK. Magisk Manager is the newest method to gain root access on any Android device. Conventionally, SuperSU developed by Chainfire was the only safe and leading method to root most of the Android phones. Until topjohnwu, a recognized developer came up with a Universal Systemless rooting method. Moreover, it can also hide root and Safety Net on your Android system in order to continue receiving OTA updates and run all Android apps; which would rather not work if root was detected. Prior to the Systemless update, you would have to revert back to stock and Un-Root your Android in order to receive official OTA updates from the manufacturer. Thanks to Magisk Manager and its latest update to v13.1, you can now root and still update your Android phone.

Magisk v13.1 adds support for Android O 8.0 with the latest Developer Preview 3. They have merged MagiskSU, magiskhide, resetprop, magiskpolicy into one binary; which means more stability. Updated to latest AOSP upstream. This will benefit rooting Android v5.0 Lollipop to 7.1.2 Nougat, to the latest Android O. You can basically find the changelog from below.

What are the Benefits of Rooting Android devices?

Rooting is a procedure to gain access to the root directory on the Android system thus manipulating the core files for advanced development. You can basically modify or change the look and feel of the stock Android OS. With root access, you can also tweak the Kernel, thus improving the performance or battery life by over-clocking or under-clocking it. You can replace, delete, or extract stock or system apps by accessing root files.

Download Magisk v13.3 or later

You will basically need 3 files for Magisk to work. The first is the Magisk v13.3 zip flashable via custom TWRP recovery, Magisk manager APK v5.1.1+, and the uninstaller. The Magisk Manager will basically manage various modules on your phone and grant root access to other Android apps. The Magisk v13.3 zip consists of all the supporting binaries and files required for it to work. Magisk Uninstaller is rather self-explanatory.

Latest Magisk 13.3 | Download

Latest Magisk 13.2 | Download | Mirror |

Latest Magisk v13.1 | Download | Mirror |

Latest Magisk Uninstaller (Support v1+)| Download | Mirror |

Latest Magisk Manager APK 5.1.1 | Download

Update to Magisk Manager 5.1.1 fix the notorious “app cannot start” issue.

How to root any Android phone with latest Magisk v13.3?

In order to know what rooting is and how Magisk Manager work, head over to this post.

  • Make sure to unlock Bootloader on your Android phone.
  • Make sure you have setup latest TWRP recovery. Click here for Samsung.
  • Download all the files from above and transfer it to phone storage.
  • Reboot into TWRP recovery.
  • Take a full Nandroid Backup.
  • Flash Magisk v13.1 zip.
  • Reboot to system.
  • Install Magisk Manager APK.

What’s new with Magisk v13.3? – Changelog

Here is the changelog for Magisk Manager v13.3 or Magisk 13.2

  • Updated SafetyNet
  • Resetprop
  • MagiskPolicy Update
  • /sbin Re-link Fixes
  • Please Migrate Modules to v4!!

For more visit this page.

Here is the changelog for Magisk Manager v13.1

– [General] Merge MagiskSU, magiskhide, resetprop, magiskpolicy into one binary
– [General] Add Android O support (tested on DP3)
– [General] Dynamic link, from system to greatly reduce binary size
– [General] Remove bundled busybox because it casues a lot of issues
– [General] Unlock all block devices for read-write support instead of emmc only (just figured not all devices uses emmc lol)
– [Scripts] Run all ext4 image operations through magisk binary in flash scripts
– [Scripts] Updated scripts to use magisk native commands to increase compatibility
– [Scripts] Add addon.d survival support
– [Scripts] Introduce, used as a global shell script function source for all kinds of installation
– [MagiskBoot] Moved boot patch logic into magiskboot binary
– [MagiskSU] Does not fork new process for each request, add new threads instead
– [MagiskSU] Added multiuser support
– [MagiskSU] Introduce new timeout queue mechanism, prevent performance hit with poorly written su apps
– [MagiskSU] Multiple settings moved from prop detection to database
– [MagiskSU] Add namespace mode option support
– [MagiskSU] Add master-mount option
– [resetprop] Updated to latest AOSP upstream, support props from 5.0 to Android O
– [resetprop] Renamed all functions to prevent calling functions from external libc
– [magiskpolicy] Updated libsepol from official SELinux repo
– [magiskpolicy] Added xperm patching support (in order to make Android O work properly)
– [magiskpolicy] Updated rules for Android O, and Liveboot support
– [MagiskHide] Remove pseudo permissive mode, directly hide permissive status instead
– [MagiskHide] Remove unreliable list file monitor, change to daemon request mode
– [MagiskHide] MagiskHide is now enabled by default
– [MagiskHide] Update unmount policies, passes CTS in SafetyNet!
– [MagiskHide] Add more props for hiding
– [MagiskHide] Remove background magiskhide daemon, spawn short life process for unmounting purpose
– [Magic Mount] Ditched shell script based mounting, use proper C program to parse and mount files. Speed is SIGNIFICANTLY improved

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