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[Mod] Enable Stereo Speaker for OxygenOS on OnePlus5

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OnePlus 5

Following in the footsteps of the OnePlus 3T, a stereo speaker mod is now available for the OnePlus 5. The mod as of yet only supports the stock OxygenOS firmware which could change in near future with added support from XDA developer ram4ufriends who ported over the mod from OnePlus 3T.

The module allows you to utilize your front earpiece as speakers for the device by enabling you to mod the microphone pickup on your handset. While the audio may not be as crisp as the native speaker for the OnePlus 5, it still is a good idea to activate it while you’re using your device in landscape mode for viewing movies, videos or playing games.



  1. Boot into TWRP recovery
  2. Flash OnePlus 5 Stereo Sound Mod
  3. Flash Magisk enabled OnePlus 5 Stereo Sound Mod

In case you encounter any issues during the process or feel dissatisfied with the result, flash the revert sound back to the stock file in TWRP recovery. Unfortunately, the revert zip file is unable to restore changes made by the Magisk module as of now and requires you to completely wipe Magisk off your device.


Source: XDA

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