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[Download] Official TWRP Recovery 3.2 for OnePlus 5/5T

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Update: The official TWRP 3.2 for OnePlus 5 (cheeseburger) and OnePlus 5T (dumpling) is no available for download. With an unofficial version of TWRP already available for the OnePlus 5, TWRP has now provided official support to the device with the latest version being the 3.1.1-1 and is a fully touch-oriented recovery. The official TWRP build for the device also fixes the restoring data bug which is present in the unofficial build.

The latest version also fixes f2fs which was broken on the previous build with users having issues in mounting system partition and restoring data while using the f2fs file system format instead of ext4. Ironically, the latest version also seems to have broken USB-OTG support which was functioning perfectly for the previous iteration.

TWRP 3.2 Changelog for OnePlus 5

TWRP recovery 3.2 changelogs can be found here.

TWRP 3.1 changelog

Backups will now include adopted storage keys
Fixed an adb restore issue
Fixed rebooting when no OS is present
Fixed line wrapping in the GUI terminal
Updated TWRP source code to AOSP 7.1.2

Download TWRP 3.2 for OnePlus 5/5T

  • TWRP 3.2 for OnePlus 5 (Cheeseburger) || Download 
  • TWRP 3.2 for OnePlus 5T (Dumpling) | Download


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