Download Honor 8 Nougat and Marshmallow Update files | EMUI 5 .0/4.1 stock firmware

The Honor 8 is one of the best Android devices from the major smartphone manufacturer Huawei. Now the device is receiving the Android 7.0 Nougat Beta update just like other devices from the manufacturer including the Huawei P9 and P9 Lite, Mate 9, Mate 8, and much more. The EMUI 5.0 update files based on Android 7.0 Nougat Beta firmware comes to us officially from Huawei.

The Android 7.0 Nougat update for the Honor 8 brings a simplistic brand new user interface. It comprises of blue and white colors. It features an easy three-step-operation that saves time and makes mobile experience productive. Performance has been improved significantly with the responsive system and enables quick browsing in most activities. With Android Nougat, user privacy has been enhanced.

The stock firmware files are available for model number FRD-L02, FRD-L04, FRD-L09 and much more. We have listed both Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow as well as available Nougat firmware and how to get it.

Download Honor 8 Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow stock firmware all variants

List of official stock firmware available for Honor 8:


  • FRD-L02C635B130
  • FRD-L02C635B316
  • FRD-L02C635B320


  • FRD-L04C567B141
  • FRD-L04C567B150
  • FRD-L04C567B162


  • FRD-L09C10B130


  • FRD-L09C185B120
  • FRD-L09C185B130


  • FRD-L09C432B101
  • FRD-L09C432B131


  • FRD-L09C636B120
  • FRD-L09C636B130


  • FRD-L19C10B120

Here is the download repository for the same:

More Honor 8 stock firmware files









Download Honor 8 Android 7.0 Nougat stock firmware

Huawei has released a Beta testing program for the Honor 8 to receive the Android 7.0 Nougat Beta firmware update. You can either fill the form from here and request an OTA for your device or continue to the thread below to install the Nougat firmware file captured by some Honor 8 users.

How to install Nougat Beta firmware on Honor 8?

Here is how to manually update honor 8 from build 317 to Android Nougat build 320. However, the procedure is a bit complicated. Hence you should be cautious.

  • Firstly, backup everything using the built in backup app.
  • Make sure you have not rooted the device or installed custom ROM.
  • Now, download the rollback update for Honor 8 from Huawei downloads.
  • You will also need to download a base firmware from here -> Download
  • You will need to use the Charles app and visit this tutorial for more information on how to get Nougat for Honor 8.

When asked for the response, select it and replace it with the following code:

"status": "0",
"autoPollingCycle": "1",
"components": [{
"name": "FRD-L04C567B320-OTA",
"version": "FRD-L04C567B320",
"versionID": "68366",
"description": "å• †ç”¨å‘布: [全量包] FRD-L04C567B162 至 FRD-L04C567B320 (2016/11/22)",
"createTime": "2016-11-22T03:18:12+0000",
"url": ""
That’s it. Enjoy your Nougat on Honor 8. Also, visit the source from here.

How to Install Honor 8 EMUI 4.1/5.0 full firmware and restore to stock?

We listed the official installation method for Honor 8 in several other posts. To know two methods to install the stock firmware on Honor 8 variants using the Update app or dload method, get to this tutorial here.

If the dload method fails, flash the firmware using custom TWRP recovery. Check out how to install using TWRP. Flash without wiping the previous firmware.

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