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How to Update Huawei P9 to Latest EVA L09C432B136 EMUI 4.1 Marshmallow [Restore to Stock]

Huawei has released yet another update to its latest flagship phone, the Huawei P9. The P9 device has been one of the most popular devices besides the Galaxy S7 and the LG G5 due to its stunning specifications and hardware configuration like the Leica camera support. It packs the latest Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow firmware based on the latest EMUI 4.1 OS which has just been updated with the build number B136 as opposed to the B135 that the device currently runs. As the B135 came with some bugs and instability issues with the battery, camera, etc, the manufacturer has come up with some bug fixes and rolled out an OTA. It has been rolling out in waves across the globe which may take som time to hit your device. However, we have the full firmware file for the Huawei P9 which will not only update it but also restore the device to stock firmware. The full stock firmware zip file weighs a whopping a 2.24 GB. However, the OTA weighs only 117 MB. So if you have rooted or installed a custom recovery, then all these changes will be restored. Firmware details: Device: Huawei P9, Model: EVA Lo9, Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, EMUI: 4.1, Firmware: B136, Build Number: EVA L09C432B136, Region: Europe, Release Date: May 2016, Status: Official (stable), Type: Full firmware image, File Name:, Size: 2.24 GB.

Download Huawei P9 EVA L09C432B136 EMUI 4.1 Update

  • Huawei P9 B136 Full Firmware File → Download | File: [2.24 GB]
  • Previous P9 B135 OTA update → Downlaod | File: [370 MB]

What’s New with the EVA L09C432B136 EMUI 4.1 P9 Update?

Checkout the images below for a full changelog:

How to Install Stock B136 EMUI 4.1 Firmware on Huawei P9 and Restore to Stock?

Update Huawei P9 Normally with Dialer:

Step 1. First, check your firmware version device and proceed. If you already have the latest one, you don’t need to update.

Step 2. Backup is highly recommended. Backup all your personal stuff like data, apps, media, storage files and fully charge the battery.

Step 3. Download stock firmware file from above for your Huawei device.

Step 4. Extract the downloaded file “” and then copy the folder contained “dload” in the root directory (level 1 of the storage) of your SD Card.

Rename the downloaded file to for convenience. (.zip extension is important)

Step 5. Now open the dialer app and type the string: * # * # 2846579 # * # * and choose option 4 named Software Upgrade “->” SDCard Upgrade “and confirm with” OK “.

Now create a folder named dload in the root of your internal storage or on your SD card. Now place the file here.

Step 6. Wait for the installation to complete.


Forced Method: Update Huawei P9 manually

Step 1. Download EMUI 4.1 stock firmware file from above for your device.

Step 2. Rename the downloaded file to for convenience. (.zip extension is important)

Step 3. Now create a folder named dload in the root of your internal storage or on your SD card. Now place the file here.

Step 4. Go to settings>update and hit the menu button and then choose Local update.

Step 5. If  you have copied the file correctly, then you will find it on the select menu. Tap on it and start the installation.

Note: Alternatively, turn off your device completely and hold the VOLUME UP, VOLUME DOWN button pressed and the POWER button. The update will start automatically.

Step 6. Wait until the update is applied.

Troubleshoot boot loop on Huawei P9:

Forced upgrade: In case your phone is bricked, turn it off completely and then boot by holding Vol down + Vol up + Power at the same time. Release the Power button upon vibration and wait for the upgrade to start. Alternatively, you can try a factory reset from your stock recovery.

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