Download Marshmallow For All LG V10 Variants From LG Servers

The LG V10 is one of the most popular Android devices from LG. The Korean manufacturer  believes in innovation and has experimented in bringing a dual screen display to its device. The V10 is been quite popular but not as much as LG’s other devices like the LG G3, G4, and the flagship phone , theLG G5. However, there are several proud owners of the V10 and now as the device is being updated to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the phone has become even more likable. Here we have listed all the official links of the full firmware files directly from LG servers which come in the form of KDZ.

Devices like H960YK – Israel, H960TR – Turkey, H961S – Russia, H960, H960A – Europe, H960A – United Arab Emirates, H960P – Mexico and much more have been listed below. The firmware with the version 20 are the Marshmallow KDZ files and with the version 10 are Lollipop builds. For instance, for the European H960A, the V10c build is Lollipop and the V20a build is Marshmallow. Hence, grab the full KDZ file for your variant from below and upgrade it using the new LGUP flash tool from one of our tutorials for LG from below. Now take a note that these are not OTA but full firmware files. Hence installing it may remove all your apps, data and perform a factory reset. Hence backup.

Download latest stock firmware KDZ files for all LG V10 devices

Official firmware from LG servers:

  • H960YK – Israel
    V10b Download | File: H960YK10b_00.kdz
  • H960TR – Turkey
    V20b Download | File: H960TR20b_00_0226.kdz
  • H961S – Russia
    V20b Download | File: H961S20b_00_0314.kdz
  • H960
    V10c Download | File: H96010c_00.kdz
    V20a Download | File: H96020a_00_0314.kdz
  • H960A – Europe
    V10c Download | File: H960A10c_00_1224.kdz
    V20a  Download | File: H960A20a_00_0316.kdz
  • H960A – United Arab Emirates
    V20a Download | File: H960A20a_00_0314.kdz
  • H960P – Mexico
    V10a Download | File: H960P10a_01.kdz
    V20a Download | File: H960P20a_00_0316.kdz
  • H961N – Dual Sim
    V10c Download | File: H961N10c_00_0107.kdz
    V20c Download | File: H961N20c_00_0314.kdz
  • H962 – Dual Sim – Taiwan
    V10b Download | File: H96210b_00.kdz
  • F600S – Korean
    V20g Download | File: F600S20g_00_0314.kdz
  • F600L – Korean
    V20e Download | File: F600L20e_00_0216.kdz
  • F600K – Korean
    V20e Download | File: F600K20e_00_0216.kdz
  • VS990 – Verizon
    V11b Download | File: VS99011B_04_ARB00.kdz
    V22a Download | File: VS99022A_06_0222.kdz
  • H901BK – T-Mobile
    V20e Download | File: H90120e_00_0316.kdz
  • RS987 – US
    V11a Download | File: RS98711a_02_0309.kdz

Mirror links from third party websites:

How to Install stock firmware For All LG V10 Variants With LGUP?

How to fix app connectivity issues while flashing firmware using uppercut?



How to install LG V10 to Android 7.0 Nougat firmware update?

The first thing you will need is the full stock firmware file for LG V10.

Download LG V10 Nougat KDZ firmware file [Global variant]

LG V10 Nougat KDZ file | Download H960A30b | Global variant

LG V10 Nougat KDZ file | Download H960ATR30a | Turkey

Download latest LGUP flashtool for V10

Installation instructions:

LGUP is a special tool designed to flash the LG stock firmware update onto any LG device. Uppercut tool will fix all the USB connectivity problems. Here is a full tutorial on how to use LGUP.

Step 1: Download the stock Nougat KDZ firmware for LG V10 from above.

Step 2: Transfer the KDZ firmware to you Windows PC.

Step 3: Reboot LG device into Download Mode.  To do so, Power off the phone completely. Now hold Volume Up then plug into PC via USB cable at the same time. Connect your LG device to PC via USB cable. Install latest drivers.

Step 4: Download and install LGUP and Uppercut.

Step 5: Run the uppercut software as administrator.

Step 6: Your device will be automatically detected.

Step 7: LGUP software will run automatically.

installing LG V10 H960A30B nougat firmware update

Step 8: From LGUP, select the “Upgrade” radio option.

Step 9: Provide the LG stock firmware file path by clicking on the three dots, select the KDZ you downloaded.

Step 10: Hit Start.

That’s it. Once installation completes, reboot device to system.

Update LG V10 to Nougat via LG Bridge

This is the official method from LG to manually check and update LG devices to the next OTA update. All you need to do is install the latest LG USB drivers, install and run LG Bridge, and connect the Android phone to PC.

Step 1: Download and install the latest LG Bridge and LG USB drivers from here.

Step 2: Run LG Bridge on PC.

Step 3: Connect LG phone to PC via USB cable.

how to use lg bridge to update to nougat

Step 4: Check for OTA updates.

Step 5: Download and install the Nougat firmware update displayed.

LG v10 android 7.0 nougat update screenshot1 LG v10 android 7.0 nougat update screenshot2

That’s is all. Leave a comment below.

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