New Nothing Wallpapers App gets enhanced AI Wallpapers Generator

The Nothing Phone 1 and the Phone 2 have been updated to the latest Nothing OS 2.5 firmware featuring Android 14. The new NOS 2.5 update comes with tons of new features, including the AI wallpaper generator. Moreover, the Nothing Wallpapers has been updated to v1.1.2 featuring new home screen and lock screen wallpapers to set.

The new Nothing Phone 2a phone launched this week now features wallpapers under 3 categories: Wallpaper Studio, Nothing, and, Colours. Plus, the updated Nothing Wallpapers app can now generate stunning wallpapers for you using AI.

You can also create new wallpapers by holding onto the home screen in an empty space and select Wallpapers. Then tap the Create option.

Meanwhile, get the newest app listed below in order to get more stock wallpapers. We also published the Nothing Launcher wallpapers a while ago.

Download Nothing Wallpaper APK V1.1.2

Download all the new Nothing wallpapers from latest version 1.1.2 in high resolution. There were a total of 20 wallpapers available for download originally. They have now grown to more than 30 wallpapers.

updated nothing wallpapers app 1.1.2

Update Nothing Wallpaper app from Play Store

How to install Nothing Wallpaper ZIP on your Android device manually?

  • Download the ZIP file to phone storage.
  • Extract it if it is a zip file.
  • Download and install either SAI (direct download SAI-4.5.apk) or the Apktool M installer. Direct link Apktool_M_v2.4.0.
  • Launch Apktool M and locate the zip file.
  • Select the file and click install.
  • Select all the options.
  • Launch the game and enjoy!

Nothing OS Launcher Wallpapers

Here, download all the Nothing OS Launcher Wallpapers from the Nothing Phone 1 in high resolution. Here are a total of 8 wallpapers available for download for every smartphone.

Nothing OS Launcher Wallpapers

Bonus: Nothing Launcher Wallpapers. Here is the original stock wallpaper displayed in the launcher sections.

Nothing Phone Ringtones, Audio and System Sounds

Here, download all the Nothing Phone 1 Ringtones, Audio, and System Sounds extracted from the stock firmware. There are a total of 56 ringtones, system Ui sounds, notifications, and alarm tones.

Nothing Phone Boot Animation

Here, download all the Nothing Phone 1 Boot Animation for all Android devices. If you have a rooted device, you can change the boot animation or logo on your smartphone with this one.

Stay tuned for Nothing Phone 2 ringtones and boot animations.


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