Google March 2024 Pixel Feature Drop

Google, in collaboration with Samsung at the Galaxy AI S24 launch event, introduced tons of AI (Artificial Intelligence) features coming to the Pixel phones this year. The highlight of the Galaxy AI event, apart from the S24 Ultra, was Circle to Search. It is now time to expand these features to all Pixel devices with March 2024 Feature Drop with Circle to Search, 10 Bit HDR Video, Call Screening to more Pixel devices.

The previous January 2024 Pixel Feature Drop from Google brought Circle to Search, a Thermometer app to record body temperature right on your phone, Photomoji for messages and replies, Magic Compose for AI replies to messages, and Samsung’s Quick Share to the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.

Today’s March 2024 Pixel Feature Drop brings Circle to Search and more features to the older Pixel smartphones.

March 2024 Pixel Feature Drop: Thermometer, Circle to Search, and More

Google just rolled out March 2024 Feature Drop for the Pixel series adding 10-bit HDR Video/Ultra HDR Photo on Instagram, Improvements to Call Screen, Circle to Search, App screen sharing, Fast Fair Subsequent Pairing, Docs Markups, and Gboard Voice Toolbar.

Some of these features come to Google devices all the way down to Pixel 5a. Here is a summary of March 2024 Pixel Feature Drop availability per Google device.

Googles March 2024 Pixel Feature Drop Summary of availability per device

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Call Screen Enhancements for Pixel Phones

Phone calls are receiving a subtle yet significant makeover with the Call Screen improvements. Now, users encountering a silent caller will be greeted with a “hello” chip, prompting the caller to speak and enable better understanding of the caller’s intent. All of this is done by the new Google Assistant. If you can’t answer your screened call right away, Google Assistant will let the caller know to wait a bit longer as they try to reach you.

Two side-by side images of a Pixel 8 with the new Call Screen feature on-screen.

10-bit HDR videos

Additionally, the integration of vivid 10-bit HDR videos and Ultra HDR photos on Instagram elevates the visual storytelling capabilities of Pixel phones, enriching the content creation experience.

Circle to Search for more Pixel devices

Circle to Search, a feature initially introduced for Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, will now be available for the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro devices. This new feature allows users to seamlessly access relevant information without the hassle of switching between apps. By simply long-pressing the Pixel home button or navigation bar, users can harness the power of Circle to Search.

The unique aspect is the ability to circle, squiggle, highlight, scribble or tapping over anything on the screen for detailed information. The results appear in a bottom sheet, offering options to refine through text search, tap, or highlight for OCR copying/translation.

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First-Gen Pixel Watch gets fitness features

Fitness tracking takes center stage with the enhancements introduced to the first-generation Pixel Watch. The update features Pace Training and Heart Zone Training for the Pixel Watch 1 equipping users with the tools to optimize their workouts and achieve their fitness goals effectively.

Using the Pace Training on first-gen Pixel Watch, you can use your device to set a goal pace during an exercise to know when you are within your target, thanks to its built-in GPS and motion sensors.

You can now use Heart Zone Training on your first-gen Pixel Watch to monitor the time you spend in each of your personal heart rate zones, based on your resting heart rate and fitness levels, to help optimize and guide your workouts. You can also set personal targets and turn on haptic notifications and voice alerts for when you move from one heart rate zone to another.

The redesigned workouts user interface enhances accessibility, ensuring users can stay focused on their progress without distractions.

Additionally, the integration of the Fitbit Relax app offers moments of mindfulness, promoting holistic well-being beyond physical exertion.

Two side-by-side images of the first-gen Pixel Watch showcasing Pace Training and Heart Zone Training.

Public Transit Directions on Pixel Watch

Navigating urban landscapes becomes more intuitive with Google Maps on Wear OS offering public transit directions directly on Pixel Watch. Real-time departure times and compass-enabled map views empower users to make informed decisions about their commute, streamlining the travel experience with seamless integration between phone and watch functionalities.

Pixel Tablet gets Productivity updates

The feature drop introduces app screen sharing for Pixel Tablets, allowing for precise sharing during video calls. Moreover, the streamlined pairing process facilitates seamless connectivity between devices, enhancing user convenience. The integration of Google Docs markups with finger or stylus input enables collaborative editing on-the-go, fostering productivity without compromising flexibility.

Gboard Voice Toolbar: Maximizing Screen Space

The digital landscape expands with an improved toolbar on Pixel Tablet, minimizing the digital keyboard to optimize screen real estate. With voice input activated, multitasking becomes effortless, empowering users to navigate various tasks with ease.

List of AI features coming to your Android device

Here are Samsung’s Galaxy AI features that twill come to more Android devices:

  • Chat Assist for changing the tone, translating or spell-checking your text message before sending it.
  • Live Translate for translating calls in 13 languages during a conversation
  • Circle to Search, which lets you launch a Google search for any object in a photo or video using gestures like circling, scribbling, and tapping it.
  • Note Assist for summarizing, translating and formatting files in Samsung’s Notes app and generating digital covers for notes.
  • Magic Compose and Photomoji, similar to Google’s Magic Editor lets you manipulate and move objects in photos
  • Transcript Assist in Samsung’s recording app for providing transcriptions and summarizing conversations

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