Thanks to the advancement of artificial intelligence in various fields, we can now do anything efficiently. The art world is no exception. AI art generators are now widespread and can generate images and illustrations in seconds using state-of-art AI technology. 

Currently, there are many AI art creators competing to offer such services. After reviewing most of them, we found that PICA AI image generator is one of the best ones, which is really worth trying. PICA AI sets itself apart from other AI art generators through its cutting-edge technology, impressive results, and user-friendly interface. This tool combines the power of artificial intelligence with the imagination of artists, resulting in awe-inspiring artworks. 

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What is the PICA AI Art Generator

Powered by advanced neural networks and sophisticated algorithms, PICA AI has been nominated as one of the best AI artwork generators in 2023, captivating artists with its ability to produce stunning and lifelike artwork across a range of styles. It is an online tool that does not require us to install any software or extensions. 

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Through its state-of-the-art neural networks, we can simply pour our ideas into words and it will automatically generate stunning images. Additionally, it can also function as an AI art generator from photos. Here are some of PICA AI’s best  features together with its services:

  • Free trials. It provides 5 free credits/day to generate any artwork
  • Customization options available, i.e. the aspect ratio of your images
  • Multiple AI art styles, i.e. Cyberpunk, Fantasy 3D, Van Gogh, Anime, Oil Painting, etc. 
  • No watermark, even though it is free, it does not have any watermark
  • Shareable images, as it does not restrict you to share the artwork
  • Negative prompt offered, meaning that you can input the certain point that you do not want in your artwork
  • And many more. 

How to Use Pica AI Art Generator: User-friendly Steps 

PICA AI has a very simple and straightforward interface. Once you’ve entered the site, no further steps are needed and you’ll be able to use it. Follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Enter the text prompt

Visit the official website of PICA AI and enter your text prompt in the description box. You can insert any text prompts in it, such as “falling stars in distance view, HDR effects”.

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Step 2: Click on the Advanced Settings (optional)

Tap on the advanced settings to choose the style and ratio. It provides multiple styles for you to choose from. As for the ratio, it offers 3 ratios. Simply choose one of them. 

*If you don’t feel like wanting to choose them, simply skip this step and the AI image generator will automatically choose one for you. 

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Step 3: Click the Generate button

Once everything is set, click on the Generate button and wait a few seconds.

Step 4: Check the generated AI images

If your internet is stable, the art image can be generated quickly. Check on the image and download them. Alternatively, if you’re not satisfied with it, simply modify the text prompts and click on the generate button again. 

FAQs about PICA AI Art Generator

  1. Do you need to pay a subscription fee for PICA AI?

As mentioned previously, PICA AI offers free trials of up to 5 credits/day. However, if you’re using it more than that, it indeed has a subscription plan from $1.99/week, $5.99/month, or $59.99/year.

  1. Do you need a special code from text to image in PICA AI?

No, for sure. Unlike some other AI art generators that require you to input the “/imagine” or “– v5” code, PICA AI is completely free from that, making the AI generation process much easier. You can simply type in any words to generate eye-catching artwork. 

  1. Can I use PICA AI on my mobile device?

Definitely. PICA AI Art Generator is an online website, thus, you can access and use it on any device, like iPhones or Android phones, and Windows PC or Mac.

In conclusion, PICA AI is currently revolutionizing the art world by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. With its advanced neural networks, a vast array of art styles, intuitive interface, and time-saving efficiency, we proudly nominated PICA AI as one of the best free AI art generators in 2023. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an emerging talent, PICA AI can definitely assist you to unlock your artistic potential. 

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