Rabbit R1 is Based on Android with a Rabbit Launcher App [APK Download]

Artificial intelligence gadgets such as the Humane AI Pin and the Rabbit R1 have been making the rounds lately. If you haven’t heard of the Rabbit R1 before, it is a handheld AI gadget which can help you do daily tasks. More like a pocket sized personal assistant which you can carry around and work independent of your phone. While AI companion seems like an exciting future to look forward to, reviewers believe Rabbit R1 is jut not ready yet. According to others, the Rabbit R1 is just a glorified Android app.

Launched last week, the Rabbit R1 promised to be a game-changer in the world of AI assistants. With its sleek design and single button interface, it seemed like a futuristic tool for interacting with artificial intelligence. But reviewers and tech enthusiasts suggest that it could simply be an app.

The first round of reviews are up, and it has been found that the Rabbit R1 is simply an Android wrapper, with a Rabbit OS branding. Reviewers like Dave2D and MKBHD, in their recent videos, propose that the Rabbit R1 should have simply been an app.

This was first brought to an attention by Mishaal Rahman, in a blogpost by Android Authority, where in he managed to download the Rabbit R1’s launcher APK onto a Google Pixel 6A. With a few tweaks, he was able to run the app on the Pixel, essentially replicating the R1’s functionality.

Soon other Rabbit R1 owners extracted the said Launcher and dumped for the public to download. While the company is cracking down on the APK file, some users like Marcel managed to install the Rabbit Launcher on a regular phone with root and a few mods.

The user also managed to activate Vision, a feature which uses the rear camera to describe what it’s looking at. However, it crashes. But Spotify works.

Rabbit’s Response: Defending Their Device

Jesse Lyu, the founder of Rabbit, doesn’t agree with the app comparison. He insists that the R1 is powered by a custom operating system (“rabbit OS”) and “LAM” (Large Action Model) running on the cloud. In his words, the Rabbit R1 experience requires “bespoke AOSP [Android Open Source Project] and lower level firmware modifications.”

In a response to the Android Authority article, the Rabbit CEO responds:

while most of the non iOS consumer devices runs on modified AOSP as client, I don’t think you understand that client APK can be duplicated and bootlegged while all the actual service lives on the cloud? and why that bootleg APK is not working? Try now.

Here’s the thing: even if Lyu’s explanation is true, this revelation throws a wrench into Rabbit’s marketing strategy. The device replicated a mid-range phone like the Pixel 6A which can run the R1’s core apps as well.

While $199 won’t make a dent in your wallet, is it worth buying a dedicated device when you can potentially get similar functionality from a free app?

Download Rabbit R1 APK

The Rabbit R1’s APK dump is available, however, the company is cracking down on the APK file. So we can’t publish it just yet. Once the dust is settled, a modified Rabbit Launcher may be available for download.

Moreover, Rabbit may be blocking any app which isn’t a Rabbit hardware.

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    Rabbit R1 APK

    I found the Rabbit R1 APK on a few downloadable sites but they seem to have misunderstood, is it sold as a separate device?

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