Best Free Samsung Themes on Galaxy Store for 2023 [Downloads]

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Top 10 Samsung Themes to Personalize Your Device

Samsung phones are known for their sleek designs and feature-rich software, especially their latest One UI 5 firmware update. One of the best things about Samsung Galaxy devices is that they allow users to customize their phone’s appearance with a variety of themes. In this article, we have highlighted some of the best free themes for Samsung phones available for download on the Galaxy Store.

The best part about owning a Samsung phone is that it supports themes! Not many OEM’s provide this feature. Most importantly, Samsung also makes tools available for developers to create stunning themes.

Samsung comes with tons of customization features like the built-in Material You design featured in One UI 5 based Android 13 update. It comes with a Wallpapers-based theme engine that applies accent colors to the system, app icons, and apps. However, it does not yield satisfactory results as the whole experience is inconsistent.

The best way to theme your Samsung device is to give it a professional touch. Applying a professional theme means you get consistent UI across the system. A typical Samsung theme from the Galaxy app store will apply wallpapers, set icon packs, change the ascent color of the whole system, theme Samsung stock apps, and even apply AODs.

Don’t worry, you can always change wallpapers and apply third-party icon packs on top without changing the theme!

Here we have listed a range of stunning Samsung Themes available for free on the App Store.

Best Themes for your Samsung Galaxy devices

Overall, there are many great themes available for Samsung phones, and the right one for you will depend on your personal style and preferences. Whether you want a clean and simple design, a nature-inspired theme, a vibrant and colorful look, or a modern and sophisticated appearance, there is a theme out there that will suit your needs.

While we have shared direct links to the themes, they will only open via Samsung phones and tablets. Alternatively, you can manually search for each theme by visiting Settings > Themes > select Themes tab > Search for Themes. OR long press homescreen and select Themes.

How to apply Samsung Themes
See How to apply Samsung Themes

1. Yellow High Contrast Dark

For those who want a more contrast look for their phone, the “Yellow High Contrast Dark” by theme seller is an excellent choice. It provides a clear brightness contrast interface. You can use your phone effectively with light-colored content on a dark background.

Screenshot 20221212 225326 Galaxy Themes

2. Matt Black Theme

One popular theme for Samsung phones is the “Matt Black” theme by MINDON, which features a clean and simple matte design. This theme is perfect for those who want a clutter-free interface on their phone. It also themes the Samsung stock apps like keyboard, phone, contacts, messages, and all the phone interfaces.

Screenshot 20221212 225836 Galaxy Themes

3. Ascend Ui White

Our first light theme recommendation is the “Ascend Ui (White)” theme by Soni inspired by Material Design. This theme is a great option for those who want a modern and sophisticated look for their phone. This theme is inspired by Google’s Material Design guidelines and features clean lines, bold colors, and a sleek interface.

Screenshot 20221212 230516 Galaxy Themes

4. Gradient Cloud UI

The Gradient Cloud UI theme by Soni will give your phone a vibrant and colorful look. This theme has bold colors giving your phone a unique and eye-catching appearance. The author describes it as elegant and classy. And sure it is.

Screenshot 20221212 230700 Galaxy Themes

5. Pixel Theme

As the name suggests, this theme by Burzo will get your phone the latest Google Pixel skin. It is very similar to the stock Android interface.

This theme set the latest UX trending in the Android community. Be assured, you can always customize the skin to get the full Pixel-like experience on your phone; meaning using launchers, widgets, icon packs, wallpapers, and more.

Screenshot 20221212 231357 Galaxy Themes

6. Pink Theme

Another great theme for Samsung phones is the “Pink” or “Pink color” by theme seller, which brings the beauty of the pink color to your phone’s screen. This themes features two different variants of the same color. The former is solid pink, whereas, the latter is a gradient pink color. Best for a cool new look.

The Pieces between B and D

If you like old-school black-and-white themes, then “The Pieces between B and D” is a great choice. It has a comic theme to it and can set a new wallpaper, icon, and AOD.

Honorable Mentions: Samsung Themes on Galaxy Store you must try

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