Download stable GCAM 8.4 APK by Parrot

Google Camera v8 released with the Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro devices featuring Android 12. Ever since, many devs have deployed several Google Camera Mods for various Android devices. GCAM 8.4 is still the most popular camera app and is actively being developed by several Gcam developers. Here, download a stable version of GCAM 8.4.400 APK from the popular dev – Shamim.

Google Camera 8.4 comes with new features including a Timer light and the option to disable Exposure controls. Google also made the Pixel camera app minimal by adding a gear next to the chevron symbol. Swiping down from the top of the screen leads to options.

Moreover, the new “Manual Controls” area in settings (as validated on a Pixel 5) allows you to enable or disable “Exposure.” This is for those who want a viewfinder with less clutter on the right edge. The “Timer light” under “Advanced” uses the back flash as a countdown.

GCAM 8.4.400 Camera Features

The Google Camera 8.4.400 by Shamim has been developed from scratch. According to the changelog, the dev wrote almost all modification codes newly for adapting them more with the new GCAM base.

Shamim’s version features lots of options and features from other modders and even older GCam versions. This is great news as you get to try all features new and old for every Android device.

Most importantly, this Gcam 8.4.400 supports processors from all manufacturers including Qualcomm’s Snapdragon, Samsung’s Exynos, Mediatek, UniSoc, and more. Plus, you get support for multiple camera lenses.

However, due to limitations, the latest Google Camera 8.4 is only compatible with newer Android versions including 13 and 12. Gcam APK has been backported to older Android devices running Android 11, 10, 9 Pie, and some 8.0 Oreo devices.

GCAM 8.4.400 APK Download by Shamim

Here is the first-ever Gcam 8.4.400 mod APK by the developer Shamim available for download.

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