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Updated: New Disney+ v1.4.0 APK is now available for download with critical bug fixes. This is the second consecutive update in the same month; which means some important bug fixes has been addresses by the developers at Disney. The Disney+ streaming service first released back in November 2019 and it took the world by storm. While the app is only available in select countries like the United States, Canada and the Netherlands, the streaming service has gathered over 10 Million subscribers already. Disney also has plans for a global rollout in a phased manner gradually releasing it across Europe, Latin America, and Asia over the course of 2 years. Meanwhile, download and install the latest Disney+ 1.2.1 APK on all of your Android devices.

Disney’s Android app isn’t your typical app. Disney Plus’ Android app comes in 3 different packages, viz., a base app and two supporting config files. Compiling these 3 files will install the Disney+ app on your Android device. This is because when it comes to Android platform, there is a very large pool of devices to cover including smartphones, smart TVs, tablets, Android boxes, etc. Not to mention devices from various manufacturers with different software, displays, screen resolutions and DPIs. In order to support all of it Disney+ comes with config files. You need to combine these apps to install the Disney+ streaming service on your device. Don’t worry, the installation process (listed below) is quite simple. Alternatively, if your device is compatible, then you can also directly install it via Play Store; which does the work for you.

Disney+ just released a new and updated version of their app for the Android platform. Unfortunately, there is no changelog or update log for this new release. If you go to the Apple App store, the “What’s New” section only state that the new version includes updates and fixes to help deliver an improved streaming experience across devices. Also that the top problems have been fixed for a seamless streaming experience. Now if we were to guess, the biggest problem is the video playing no sound. In this bug, there is no audio output for Android TV or boxes especially when the language selected is English. While users have commented some workarounds to these problems on our previous posts like the original Disney+ APK and Disney+ v1.1.4 (checkout the comments section), it is still highly recommended to install the latest Disney+ v1.2.1.

Disney+ gathered over 10 Million subscriptions to date. Disney Plus will come to European countries including the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and a number of other countries on March 24. Belgium, the Nordics, Portugal and more will see it later in summer. Moreover, Disney+ app is available for download across various platforms and devices available in the market. Right from Apple’s iOS, Amazon’s Fire TV Sticks, Windows Xbox One, Google’s Chromebooks or Chrome OS, to smart TVs and Android boxes. Checkout: Disney+ app for Apple iOS, Fire TV Sticks, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Samsung Smart TV, Chromebooks, and Android.

Latest Disney+ versions:

Download latest Disney+ APK v1.2.2

The latest version of Disney+ APK v1.2.1 supports and should run on all CPU architectures including armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64 and various operating systems like Android 10, 9.0 Pie, 8.1/8.0 Oreo, 7.0, 6.0, 5.0, and 4.4. It is highly recommended to update the app to Disney+ v1.2.1 across Android devices like smartphones, TVs, smart Box, and more.

Download Method 1: The Disney+ service for Android does’t come in a standalone app. It comes in 3 packages – a base app and two more supporting config APK files. You will need to combine these apps to install the Disney+ streaming services on your devices. If your device is compatible, then try installing the app directly from Play Store. You will get the complete package.

Developer: Disney
Price: Free+

Download Method 2: However, if the Play Store says that “This app isn’t compatible with your device”, then download the APK from below and combine them using using an app called Split Installer. Download latest Disney+ 1.2.1 APK and the supporting packages to completely install the app on your Android device.

Latest downloads

com.disney.disneyplus_1.2.2_base.apk 11 MB
com.disney.disneyplus_1.2.2_config.xxxhdpi.apk 1.4 MB
com.disney.disneyplus_1.2.2_config.en.apk 120 KB

Previous Disney+ APK v1.2.1

com.disney.disneyplus_1.2.1_base.apk 11 MB
com.disney.disneyplus_1.2.1_config.xxxhdpi.apk 1.4 MB
com.disney.disneyplus_1.2.1_config.en.apk 120 KB

Note: For Google Drive links, download to PC and then transfer to phone storage. Do not install directly. Or use the Box mirrors.

You may also need:

Split APKs Installer (SAI)
Split APKs Installer (SAI)

How to install latest Disney+ 1.2.2+ APK on any Android device?

It is recommended that you try the Play Store link first. See if the Disney+ app is compatible with your device on the Play Store and the streaming service is available in your country or region. If both the conditions are met, then you don’t have to worry about the method listed below.

However, if the Disney+ streaming service isn’t available in you region or throws an error like this app is incompatibility with your device, then follow the instructions from below.

  •  Download all the Disney+ APK files from above to phone storage
  • Install Split Installer app from above
  • Launch the Split Installer app and grant all the permission it requires
  • Tap on Install APKs option
  • Select all the three Disney+ apps from the phone storage in the order listed above
  • Install Disney+
  • Launch Disney+

Troubleshooting: If the app refuses to update, then uninstall any previous version from your Android device. Then follow the tutorial using the latest Disney+ APK version. You can also try resetting the app by going to settings > apps > Disney+ > clear data and cache.

Note: For regions where the Disney+ streaming service isn’t available, use a VPN service and change the device location to USA. A simple solution would be to use app like Cloudflare’s DNS app with their Warp service. Connect and launch the Disney+ services from any location. Visit Disney+ website to check availability.

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    Fla Fla

    hi everyone I installed version 1.2.2 on my Beelink MINI MXIII II box … video is ok but the audio is not working…help me please

    1. AndroidSage Avatar

      There’s a link to the latest version v1.4.0 in the post. You can install that.

      1. MIke Avatar

        just installed the latest version 1.4, no sound.

        1. Fla Fla Avatar
          Fla Fla

          I downloaded it…no sound…only English sound…italian sound don’t work

          1. MIke Avatar

            English sound? is that only with audio description? i can’t get English sound on it’s own

          2. Fla Fla Avatar
            Fla Fla

            maybe because in the file there is “en”? = English


          3. MIke Avatar

            do you only get English sound with audio description though? I can’t get English sound on its own without audio description.

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             David Boschesi 

            A me sul mio box tv beelink i video nn partono.. dove sbaglio???

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