Download Disney+ app for Apple iOS, Fire TV Sticks, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Samsung Smart TV, Chromebooks, and Android

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Download Disney+ apps for Apple iOS, Amazon Fire TV Sticks, Windows Xbox One, Sony PS 4, Google Chrome OS-min

Disney+ just launched their stunning streaming service featuring all the Disney TV shows, movies, cartoons, and more. Ever since the launch, more than 10 million users have subscribed to the new Disney+ streaming service. The entertainment company now released the app for almost all the platforms one could think of. Right from Apple’s iOS, Amazon’s Fire TV Sticks, Microsoft Windows’ Xbox One, Google’s Chromebooks or Chrome OS, to all the smart TVs out there. Os course, how could we forget about the most popular mobile operating system – Android. Disney+ is extremely popular in the North American region especially the United States and Canada. So here are the downloads for all the platforms.

Now before you download the Disney+ app, note that the streaming service is only available in select countries including USA, Canada, and some countries in Europe like the Netherlands. Early adopters are eligible for a free Disney+ trial. So if your device meets all the conditions, then here are the Disney+ apps for smartphones, smart TVs, tablets, and more.

Download Disney Plus app for all platforms

Here’s you will find the app download links for all the platforms and devices out there including Apple iOS or Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Fire Sticks, Microsoft Windows Xbox One, Sony PlayStation 4, Google Chromebook or Chrome OS, Android TV or box or smartphones, Samsung Smart TVs, and the good old Chrome browser.

Disney+ APK for Android TV, Android Box, and phones with Chromecast

We already have a dedicated tutorial for installing the Disney+ app on any Android device. If your Android device is compatible, then visit the Play Store link from below.

This should work on most of the Android smartphones. Moreover, Android TVs and Android Boxes run on the same operating system by Google. So the same APK should work on all of your Android OS devices. Plus, the Disney+ app supports Chromecast by default. You will see a cast button on every movie or show on the app.

However, if the Play Store says that your device isn’t compatible, then you will need to download the Disney+ APK from our previous tutorial and head over to the installation instructions. The app comes split into 3 packages. Later, you will need to combine them all and install on your device. The procedure is quite simple.

Disney+ Apps on Google Play Android TV, Android Box, Andorid phones APK download-min

Disney+ for Apple iPhone, iPad, Apple TV

Of course, how could we ever forget about the popular Apple devices. Disney+ is freely available for download on Apple App Store. Download the app on any Apple iOS running device including iPhones, iPads, and Apple TVs. It is recommended that you sign up for the iTunes and create an account there. Simply download the app, register for the Disney+ service and start watching.

‎Disney+ on the Apple App Store for iPhone ipad Apple TV and ios-min

Disney+ app for Amazon Fire TV Stick, Fire TV, and Fire Tablets

Amazon’s Fire series is also very popular; especially the Fire TV Sticks. Disney+ did not forget about the popular Amazon Fire Sticks, Fire TV, and even the Amazon tablets. Disney+ Appstore for Android


Disney+ app for Microsoft Xbox One, Windows OS

Microsoft did not hold back. Disney+ comes to the Windows store as well. If you have an Xbox One and a Microsoft account, then you are all set. Plus, if you have the Xbox One plugin installed on your Windows 10 OS, you can also watch all the the Disney+ shows on your Windows PC as well.

Get Disney+ app on Microsoft Store for Windows OS and Xbox One-min

Watch Disney+ directly on Chrome Browser on your Google Chromebook OS

Disney confirmed that their new streaming service will be available on Google’s Chrome OS as well for the popular Chromebooks around the world. However, instead of waiting for the official support, you can simply start watching Disney+ directly on your Chrome browser. Plus, Chrome OS also support Android apps. So download the Disney+ APK from above and install it on your Chromebook.

Disney+ for Roku TV

Roku TV is another popular smart TV by TCL. Roku TV comes with its own operating system called Roku. While you can cast all the content from your smartphone to the Roku TV, there is also a dedicated Disney+ app on the Roku channel store.

Download Disney+ app for Sony PlayStation 4

Disney left no stone unturned. Sony’s PlayStation 4 is the latest among all the platforms to announce the official support for Disney+ app.

Disney+ on Sony PlayStation 4 PS4 Official PlayStation Store US download-min

Download Disney+ for Samsung Smart TV

Samsung posted about the Disney+ app for the Samsung Smart TV in their most recent press release. Now, you can download the Disney app direct from Samsung app store found on every TV from the manufacturer. Moreover, if your Samsung TV is based on Android, then you can install the APK from above or from Play Store.

At the time of writing, the Disney+ app for the Samsung Smart TVs was live at the following URL for a brief moment:

Now, the link does not work. So stay tuned to download Disney+ for Samsung Smart TVs.

More Disney Plus apps to come for other platforms like the LG Smart TV, Sony Smart TVs, and even on Hotstar. So stay tuned!

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