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Call Of Duty Mobile is an upcoming game from Activision in association with Tencent Games. The game already gathered millions of per-registrations worldwide on Play Store and Apple App Store. Call of Duty Mobile is in the early stage of closed beta testing, but that has not stopped anyone from installing and playing the game on their mobile phones. The first update (or beta test) started out in Asia – more specifically in India, then rolled out to Australia and expanded to Canada. You can still install the game and and start playing across the globe using a VPN app by setting your device location to Canada or Australia. So download the latest Call of Duty Mobile 1.0.6 update along with APK and OBB files.

The CODM v1.0.6 is the sixth beta update ever since the launch. The new update features numerous bug fixes, improvements to the gameplay, and optimizations for various smartphones. The developers have also added new features and maps to the game such as a new multiplayer map called Takeoff. Added new Battle Royale weapons like K117 [Assault Rifle] RPD [LMG] MSMC [SMG]. New locations, landmarks, and textures added in the Battle Royale mode. You can say, the overall game has been optimized for smoother play. Checkout the complete changelog and download the latest update from below.

What’s new with Call of Duty v1.0.6?

  • New multiplayer map: Takeoff Available in TDM, Domination, S&D, Hardpoint and Free for all.
  • New limited time game mode: Gun Game Free for all game mode where players earn better weapons by scoring kills.
  • New ranks added to Ranked Mode
  • New Operator Skill: Defender Deployable shield that flashes enemies while expanding.
  • New Battle Royale weapons: AK117 [Assault Rifle] RPD [LMG] MSMC [SMG]
  • New locations, landmarks and textures added to Battle Royale.
  • New Battle Royale Vehicle: Antelope A20 Assault Vehicle.

Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • Improved various controller combat options – Improved various customisable settings
  • Balanced the following weapons:- – Increase damage and penetration of Arctic 50, slightly reduced mobility and stability
  • Increased area of damage of DL Q33
  • Increased firing range of M16 – Reduced accuracy of SMG in hip fire
  • Reduced the trigger range of Trip Mine
  • Reduced firing range of Sentry Gun
  • Optimised BR map for easier travelsal and improved some location layouts
  • Added ziplines to connect elevation levels –
  • Increased Battle Royale launcher against vehicles
  • Improved Battle Royale vehicle handling
  • Reduced flight altitude of helicopter
  • Increased drop quality of Zombie supply drops
  • Increased drop quality of Zombie supply drops
  • Balanced drop quality of loot across locations
  • Battle Royale Class balances
  • Mechanic: Drone will automatically follow target
  • Mechanic: Drone EMP jamming speed increased
  • Scout: Increased cooldown of Sensor Dart and slightly reduced effect duration
  • Ninja: Slightly increased grappling hook cooldown
  • Clown: Increased hit points, attack speed and movement of summoned Zombies
  • Defender: Added flash bang effect on shield development
  • Improved Battle Royale movement animations
  • Improved Battle Royale map visuals
  • Improved Ranked matchmaking
  • Added ragdoll system in settings

Bug Fixes:-

  • Fixed a bug related to 3D touch
  • Fixed a bug that affected aiming down scope
  • Fixed gyroscope jittering
  • Fixed bugs affecting Trip mine triggering
  • Blast Vest should correctly reduce explosive damage
  • Various other bug fixed

Thanks to the Call of Duty Discord channel for the list of improvements and bug fixes.

Download Call of Duty Mobile 1.0.6 APK and OBB file

The COD Mobile beta 6 is a big patch that weighs over 600 MB in size. But if you haven’t installed previous version yet, then you will need to download the complete APK and OBB file that weighs around 2 GB in total when extracted.

Call of Duty Mobile on Play Store:

You can also register or download the COD: Mobile app officially from the Play Store. You can update it through Play Store, if available. If you don’t see any update on the Play Store, then clear the cache of the store and then relaunch it.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 4
Call of Duty Mobile Season 4
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Call of Duty Mobile APK and OBB download:

Alternatively, you can manually download the Call of Duty Mobile APK file and obb file and start playing on your Android device using the following instructions. Download APK and OBB and start playing. Instructions below.

You will need to download the COD: Mobile APK file and the full original data from below. The data file goes under Android/obb folder.

Previous downloads:

Call of Duty Mobile TapTap

TapTap is the recommended client to download and install the latest version of Call of Duty Mobile app on Android phones. It is safe.

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How to install Call of Duty: Mobile 1.0.6 or later?

  • First, you will need to register for the mobile version from the Play Store (link above)
  • Download the latest Call of Duty: Mobile APK file and the OBB data file.
  • Extract the zip files to get the .apk file and .obb files.
  • Transfer the COD mobile APK file to phone storage and install it. (Do not open it yet)
  • Now, launch a file manager or file explorer on your phone.
  • Go to the directory Android/obb and create a folder named com.activision.callofduty.shooter
  • Now, enter the newly created folder and transfer the COD mobile data file there.
  • Now, if you are in Canada or Australia, then you can launch the app and play it directly.

Note that the developers of CODM have started blocking the most popular VPN apps like Proton VPN, Express VPN, etc. So setting the location to Australia or Canada ans play via a VPN app may not be possible anymore. You will need to try out different VPN apps. Also, go to Play Store and keep updating your Call of Duty Mobile game.

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