Call of Duty Mobile now available for Apple iOS for iPhones and iPads

Following the Android platform, the Call of Duty Mobile closed beta is slowly rolling out for Apple iOS. Activision, in association with Tencent games, today released the first iteration of COD mobile beta program for Apple iOS platform. The beta version is only live in Australia for now, but can be played from anywhere using the following tricks. This Call of Mobile beta features all the gameplay modes found in the COD Mobile beta 3 for Android platform. This includes the regular Multiplayer mode similar to Counter-Strike and the epic Battle Royale mode similar to PUBG and Fortnite. Here is how to download and install Call of Duty Mobile for Apple iOS and play it on most of the iPhones and iPads.

The basic gameplay is same as the Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds online multiplayer mode developed by Tencent Games. In battle Royale mode, you or your squad are taken to an isolated island along with 100 other players like you. The island in equipped with guns, gadgets, armor, and transportation. The last man standing wins the match. You will also find TPP and FPP and you can select between any of them.

Now, the COD Mobile game is in beta testing stage and only available in Australia for now. However, you can still download and play it from across the globe from locations like the United States, European countries like Germany, Asian countries like India, UK, and of course Australia on you Apple devices using a VPN. Following we have provided the installation instructions.

List of COD Mobile Apple iPhones and iPads compatibility

So in general, the minimum requirements for Call of Duty Mobile on Apple iOS devices is

– iOS 9 or above
– iPhone 5s or above
– iPad Air or above

If you have any of these devices, you can download the Call of Duty Mobile for most of the Apple devices. Here is a chart for the same:

Call Of Duty Mobile list of Apple iphones and iPads compatibility

How to Install Call of Duty Mobile for Apple iOS – iPhones and iPads

Now, the COD Mobile for Apple iOS is only live in Australia. Moreover, being iOS platform, we do not have a standalone apps or data file for you. You will need to download it from the official Apple App Store. Moreover, as the beta is only live in Australia, you will need to set your device location to Australia using a VPN and start playing.

So if you are not living in Australia and you desperately need to play or test the Call of Duty Mobile on you Apple iPhones or iPads, then you can follow the instructions below. You basically need to create a new Apple ID with country set to Australia (for now), and download the game from official App Store.

This is only for non Australian users:

  • You’ll have to make a new Apple ID with the country set to Australia.
  • Login to your Apple device using the new ID.
  • Download COD Mobile from official App Store. (App link)
  • Once the game is installed go ahead and download a VPN app like ProtonVPN.
  • Set VPN location to Australia.
  • Launch the game and start playing!

App preview of COD Mobile on Apple Store:

‎Call of Duty_ Mobile on the App Store

Here is a bypass method to login to the game

  • Go to ProtonMail website
  • Click on Sign up
  • Click on “Use web version”
  • Select the free plan.
  • Create your account with your desired username and password
  • Download the ProtonVPN app
  • Log in with your ProtonMail Account
  • You will be given the 7 days free trial

Thanks to COD Mobile Discord channel. Go join them!

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