Download Best Free MIUI 10 Themes for Xiaomi Phones for 2018

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Download Best Free MIUI 10 Themes for Xiaomi Phones for 2018

Xiaomi smartphones are popular for their built quality at a very affordable price. Not many smartphone manufacturers can achieve this. The best part about Xiaomi Android devices is the ever popular MIUI firmware. Xioami builds a custom skin over the stock Android OS called MIUI. It consists of stock MIUI apps, wallpapers, settings, options, and even a theme engine. This theme store support makes Xiaomi phones even more attractive. There are a range of MIUI 10 or MIUI 9 themes on the theme store. Here are the best free MIUI 10 themes for all Xioami devices available for download.

MIUI has now been updated to MIUI 10 with many new features, revamped user interface, bug fixes, and performance improvements. Not to forget the stunning MIUI 10 swipe gestures. While some like the default UI, some don’t. There is a simple solution for this too. Applying a theme can change the entire look of your phone. You can use this in combination with custom launchers like Nova Launcher, Poco Launcher, Rootless Pixel Launcher, Android P Launcher, or any launcher found on Play Store.

All you need to do is download your favorite Xiaomi theme from below, transfer it to phone storage and apply it using the theme engine found in Settings app.

Android 9.0 Pie Theme for MIUI 10

As the name suggests, Droid-Mod is a theme designed by AlexWOLF-DOG that is based on the stock Android 9.0 Pie UI. This theme will get you the latest Google Pixel skin on your Xiaomi device. Android enthusiasts like the stock Android UI as it is subtle and clean. Hence the mention.

This theme will set the stock Pixel icons and skin the settings app, quick toggle, notification panel, dialer, and much more. Moreover, you can always customize the skin to get the full Pixel like experience on your phone; meaning using launchers, widgets, icon packs, wallpapers, and more.

Simple Dark Android P Theme

A dark alternative to the Android P theme mentioned above is the Simple Dark P theme for MIUI 10 developer by FranciscoRdz_. However, you will need to tweak the theme a little to get the full Android P experience in dark mode. For instance, the icons. It does not resemble the Android P stock icon packs. You will need to reapply a different icon pack after applying the theme.

Poco F1 Theme for MIUI 10

Xiaomi’s Pocophone launched with a new user interface and a dedicated launcher. While you can install the Poco Launcher on any Android device, applying a simple Poco F1 Theme onto your Xiaomi device will do the work for you.

The Poco F1 comes with a different UI than the stock MIUI 10. The theme is quite clean with different icon set and a revamped user interface overall. In my opinion, the Poco F1 user interface is an upgrade to the stock Android 9.0 Pie firmware (Pixel Experience).

Combining this with the Poco Launcher is the best deal, as the launcher has many categorization options.

Samsung Experience Theme for MIUI 10 (Galaxy S9)

Samsung Experience 9.0 is the latest firmware update for Samsung flagship phones. It features completely modern user interface for settings, notification panel, quick toggle, caller ID, dialer, and much more. We also get a new set of icons that are squirrel in shape by default.

The new Samsung theme looks rich and we believe it to be one of the best looking themes on the market. Hence the Galaxy S9 theme made it to our list of best themes for Xiaomi devices.

High Life and Ocean Breeze

High Life and Ocean Breeze are two sister themes designed by ‘javjack‘ and are some of the best looking themes in the market. The themes have a dual it. High Life has a dark white accent to it. Whereas, the Ocean Breeze has a blue accent to it and has a light feel. Most importantly, these themes go well with 18:9 aspect display on plones.

Dark MIUI 10 Theme

Here is another theme that might interest you. This is MIUI 10 theme but in dark. If you are a fan of dark layouts, then this is the best theme for you. However, you will need to make some changes like set a default MIUI 10 icon pack.

List of free best MIUI 10 themes you must try

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Hope you enjoy these hand-picked themes for MIUI 10 which are absolutely free and represent the year 2018 perfectly.

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