Download latest TWRP 3.4+ Recovery for Android devices

TWRP from the (TeamWin Recovery Project) has become the most popular custom recovery tool for any Android device. It is powerful because of its numerous advantages and features of the recovery. TWRP is basically an advanced recovery for a phone that can act as a replacement of the stock recovery. We already have the official TWRP recoveries for a large number of Android devices including manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, Google, LG, HTC, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and many more. However, for unsupported devices, here we have listed the unofficial custom recovery builds.

Download TWRP for all Android devices

Note: As we stated earlier, there are many official TWRP recovery builds for Android devices listed in our older post. You can visit it first. If no recovery is present there for your device, then see below.

However, for unsupported devices (the devices which do not have official TWRP support), can manually build a TWRP recovery for their own phones. All you need is the TWRP Builder APK installed on your device. See instructions below.

Moreover, users have already created TWRP builds for your devices. Following is a list of unofficial TWRP builds for over 210 Android devices. So you can either download the TWRP from below, or builds one for yourself. Hold Ctrl+F keys on your keyboard and search for your android device.

# Brand Model Codename Download link
1 MEDION LIFETAB_P733X lifetab_p733x Download
2 LYF LS-5018 HL-L51P Download
3 Walton Primo S5 Primo_S5 Download
4 Huawei MediaPad T1 8.0 Pro t1_8p0lte Download
5 samsung SM-N950U greatqltesq Download
6 Micromax Micromax Q461 q461 Download
7 VEGA IM-A860K ef51k Download
8 lge LG-F310LR omegar Download
9 VEGA IM-A850K ef52k Download
10 Accent Speed-X2+ bw6735m_65u_vo_l1 Download
11 YU YU5040 garlic Download
12 google KFHDX lineage_apollo Download
13 Huawei MediaPad X1 7.0 hw7d501l Download
14 samsung SM-S120VL j1xqltetfnvzw Download
15 Sony E5823 suzuran Download
16 NOKIA NOKIA XL normandy Download
17 TCL 8063 8063 Download
18 Xiaomi Redmi 4X nitrogen_santoni Download
19 lge LG-K420 m216n_global_com Download
20 Motorola MotoG3 osprey Download
21 LYF LS-5009 LS-5009 Download
22 TCT TCL S950 TCL_S950 Download
23 htc HTC U11 plus ocmdugl_00400 Download
24 samsung SM-J500F viper_j5lte Download
25 V.Photo T320 T320 Download
26 DOOGEE Titans2 DG700 hct82_cwet_kk Download
27 Lenovo Lenovo K3 Note lineage_aio_otfp Download
28 lenovo Lenovo K8 Note manning_retail Download
29 Blackview A7 A7 Download
30 lge LGAS992 h1_acg_us Download
31 lge LG-D802 g3_open_com Download
32 SHARP P1X P1_00TW Download
33 Micromax Micromax Q354 Q354 Download
34 Sony E5823 suzuran Download
35 LYF LS-5016 LS_5016 Download
36 InDashNet ZX8802-Lollipop octopus_f1 Download
37 samsung SM-J327T1 j3popeltemtr Download
38 Huawei X1 7.0 MediaPad Download
39 samsung SM-G360BT coreprimeltedtvvj Download
40 asus P01V WW_P01V Download
41 Billow X100V6 X100V6 Download
42 MLS IQ1450 IQ1450 Download
43 Micromax Micromax Q340 Q340 Download
44 Micromax Micromax Q382 Q382 Download
45 V.Photo T320 T320 Download
46 Samsung YP-GS1 cm_aalto Download
47 InFocus InFocus M2_3G M2_3G_00WW Download
48 Micromax Micromax Q392 Q392 Download
49 UMI Rome Rome Download
50 htc HTC Desire 628 dual sim v36bml_dugl_00401 Download
51 Meizu m2 m2 Download
52 HUAWEI ALP-AL00 ALP-AL00 Download
53 Micromax Micromax Q392 Q392 Download
54 ZTE V9820 aicp_v9820 Download
56 HUAWEI ALP-AL00 ALP-AL00 Download
57 HUAWEI generic_a15 hi6250 Download
58 QMobile LT680 QMobile_LT680 Download
59 Meizu m1 note m1note Download
60 htc HTC Desire 628 dual sim v36bml_dugl_00401 Download
61 samsung SM-G361F coreprimeveltexx Download
62 Xiaomi Redmi 4X nitrogen_santoni Download
63 samsung SM-J210F j2xlteins Download
65 samsung SM-J5108 j5xltezh Download
66 InFocus IF9021 IF9021_IN Download
67 DEXP P280 P280 Download
68 Huawei MediaPad 7 Youth 2 youth2 Download
69 ZOPO F5 F5 Download
70 Android Elite Max msm8937_64 Download
71 samsung GT-I5500 GT-I5500 Download
72 Lenovo Lenovo K8 brady_f Download
73 Neffos Neffos Y5 TP802A Download
74 LEAGOO M9 M9 Download
76 Panasonic Panasonic P85 P85 Download
77 Positivo S455 S455 Download
78 Pixus Pride Pride Download
79 Coolpad Coolpad E501 CoolpadY76_I01 Download
80 Sony F3111 F3111 Download
81 samsung SM-A320FL a3y17ltexc Download
82 Smartron T5524 srtphone Download
83 ONDA V702Core4 ONDA Download
84 samsung SM-A520F a5y17ltexx Download
85 acer S56 S56_EMEA_BGC Download
86 Smartron T5524 srtphone Download
87 Android px5 px5 Download
88 YU YU5200 YUREKAS Download
89 Hipstreet LS-5507 LS_5507 Download
90 Lenovo Lenovo A7700 A7700 Download
91 TCL Alcatel_5056O Alcatel_5056O Download
92 Nokia TA-1053 TA-1053_00WW Download
93 iRulu X7 astar_y3 Download
94 OPPO CPH1701 CPH1701 Download
95 WIKO HARRY v3953 Download
96 LYF LS-5010 LS-5010 Download
97 Qilive Q8S55IN4G2 Q8S55IN4G2 Download
99 samsung SM-A520W a5y17ltevl Download
100 lge LG-H901 pplus_tmo_us Download
101 Venturer CT9223W97 CT9223W97 Download
102 Unihertz Jelly-Pro Jelly-Pro Download
103 LeEco LEX727 ZL1_NA Download
104 LGE Optimus G geehrc Download
105 Infinix Infinix X572 H5312 Download
106 samsung SM-G600FY o7prolte Download
107 motorola Moto C Plus panell_26_dt Download
108 Micromax Micromax Q424 Micromax Q424 Download
109 Xiaomi Redmi 3 ido Download
110 Sony XPERIA M2 Dual D2302 Download
111 Smartron T5524 srtphone Download
112 Symphony ZVIII ZVIII Download
113 samsung SM-J120W j1xltevl Download
114 zte Z970 draconis Download
115 acer T06 t06_ww Download
116 softwinners 7510-HD wing_inet Download
117 Sony D2302 D2302 Download
119 OPPO A33f A33f Download
120 Xiaomi nikel nikel Download
121 Lava iris702 iris702 Download
122 lge LG-V530 tf840_tmo_us Download
123 samsung SM-J327W j3popeltevl Download
124 AND M812C M812C Download
125 asus P01Z WW_P01Z Download
126 samsung SM-G955U dream2qltesq Download
127 samsung SM-T113 goyavewifixx Download
128 Alfawise H96 max rk3399_box Download
129 samsung SM-J730F j7y17ltexx Download
130 Infinix Infinix X573 QL1668 Download
131 lge LG-H901 pplus_tmo_us Download
132 samsung SM-J250F j2y18ltedx Download
133 samsung GT-N7100 t03gxx Download
134 Nokia TA-1012 TA-1012_00WW Download
135 Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 aim_mido Download
136 Sony E6653 sumire Download
137 Lenovo Lenovo A7020a48 k52_a48 Download
138 Vodafone VFD 710 Smart_V8 Download
139 lge LG-X180g d2_tcl_mx Download
140 samsung SM-G7102 viper_ms013g Download
141 htc HTC Desire 820G PLUS dual sim a50mgp_dug_htc_asia_india Download
142 samsung SM-G532M grandpplteub Download
143 Motorola Moto E4 Plus lineage_nicklaus Download
144 motorola XT1804 Moto G5S Plus Download
145 samsung SM-G550FY o5proltedd Download
146 OnePlus ONE E1003 OnePlus Download
147 Xiaomi MI 5X aosp_tiffany Download
148 OnePlus ONEPLUS A3003 OnePlus3 Download
149 asus ASUS_X008D WW_Phone Download
150 Nokia TA-1004 TA-1004_00WW Download
151 Blackview A10 A10 Download
153 Doro Doro Liberto 820 Mini 820Mini_S01A Download
154 Panasonic ELUGA_A3 ELUGA_A3 Download
155 GIONEE F103 Pro F103_Pro Download
156 GIONEE F103 Pro F103_Pro Download
157 Micromax Micromax Q4310 Q4310 Download
158 Motorola Moto E4 dot_woods Download
159 Alfawise H96 max rk3399_box Download
160 Micromax E311 lcsh92_wet_xm_kk Download
161 leeco LEX820 aosp_x2 Download
162 lge LG-V521 b3_tmo_us Download
163 lge LG-H872 lucye_tmo_us Download
164 samsung SM-J320M j3xlteub Download
165 OPPO CPH1613 CPH1613 Download
166 motorola Moto E (4) Plus owens Download
167 WIKO LENNY3 V3702AN Download
168 Lenovo Lenovo K8 Plus marino_f Download
169 Micromax P470 P470 Download
170 OUKITEL K10 K10 Download
171 meizu M5c meizu_M5c Download
172 Micromax MicromaxP702 P702 Download
173 Infinix Infinix HOT 4 X557A1 Download
174 Symphony V47 V47 Download
175 Infinix Infinix Zero 4 Plus X602A1 Download
176 intex Aqua Trend Aqua_Trend Download
177 coolpad CP8676_I02 dot_CP8676_I02 Download
178 DOOGEE Y6 Max Y6 Max Download
179 Symphony V47 V47 Download
180 Nokia N1 N1 Download
181 Lenovo Lenovo PB2-690M phinny_row Download
182 Panasonic Eluga_Ray_700 Eluga_Ray_700 Download
183 LAVA Z50 Z50 Download
184 Symphony H120 H120 Download
185 HUAWEI SLA-L22 SLA-L22 Download
186 teclast X80 Plus(H6C3) cht_cr_mrd Download
187 UMIDIGI G G Download
188 asus ASUS_X008D WW_Phone Download
189 lge LG-M320 mlv7_global_com Download
190 Ulefone Gemini Pro g15v97_gq Download
191 ZTE K88 K88 Download
192 samsung SM-G7102 viper_ms013g Download
193 Symphony i25 i25 Download
194 Intex Aqua Classic Aqua_Classic Download
195 htc HTC Desire 628 v36bml_uhl_00710 Download
196 Micromax E311 lcsh92_wet_xm_kk Download
197 Nokia TA-1032 TA-1032_00WW Download
198 Ulefone Gemini Pro g15v97_gq Download
199 Vestel Venus_V3_5570 Venus_V3_5570 Download
200 ALLVIEW X3_Soul_Lite X3_Soul_Lite Download
201 Amlogic H96 PRO s905x016 Download
202 Teclast T10(E3C5) Teclast Download
203 MINIX NEO-X8-H k200 Download
204 motorola Moto E (4) sperry_sprint Download
205 Amlogic R-BOX Pro q9377 Download
206 motorola XT1805 Moto G5S Plus Download
207 General Mobile hulkbuster aosp_hulkbuster Download
208 lge LG-D856 g3_global_com Download
209 Teclast T10(E3C5) Teclast Download
210 ALLVIEW X3_Soul_Lite X3_Soul_Lite Download
211 Lenovo Lenovo K33a42 karate Download

How to build custom recovery using TWRP Builder for any Android?

TWRP builder is a tool that can build TWRP recovery for any Android device. Simply using an app, you can create a recovery. However, it requires a rooted Android device. It also works without root, but you will need to create a recovery image for your device.

Now, the builder need root access. You can root Android devices without TWRP recovery also. You can use CFAR, or the Firmware Mobi to create AutoRoot for your device and root it.

Notes: You will need latest version of Play Store. For older devices, you will also need BusyBox.


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