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The latest flagship OnePlus 5T is stealing all the attention with its features like the infinity display and rear dual camera. Now OP always delivers a great camera with all its devices. So, it’s natural for other OnePlus device users to want to get a click like that of OnePlus 5T. Well, all thanks to developer AndreyZo for coming up with OnePlus 5T ported camera App for other OP devices. The plot twist is that the ported camera app is rolling for both rooted and non-rooted versions.

The OnePlus 5T just got updated to Oxygen OS 4.7.2 with a new camera app improvement for EIS in 4K video recording. This new update brings the OnePlus 5T camera app to version 2.4.20 and available for download as APK file. We have listed below the download links for both versions with root and no-root support. We recently posted on how to root and install TWRP on your OP 5T. If you are on a rooted OnePlus device, you also need to unlock the bootloader and install TWRP for ported App to work.

Download OnePlus 5T Ported Camera App

Note: The following app has only been tested on OnePlus 5 and may only be compatible with the same. This app may not work with the OnePlus 3/3T due to different camera hardware and functions.

Here are the download links to grab both versions of the OnePlus 5T ported camera App.

Non-Root Version (Install as normal APK)

  • OP 5T Ported Camera App | Download | Download APK
  • OnePlus camera service | Download | Service APK Download

Using this, you can directly download the two camera apps and install as normal APK files.

Root/Recovery Version (TWRP flashable)

  • Ported Camera App OnePlus 5T | Download | Download APK

This is the TWRP flashable zip file. Install it using only TWRP.

Obviously, with the ported camera, your stock camera of the OnePlus device will be overridden. Now if you want to return to the stock camera you can do it too.!!

Yes..! here is the download link for the same.

Return To Stock OneplusCamera 4.5.14

  • Stock Camera App and Camera Service | Download

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How To Install OnePlus 5T Ported Camera App

So, here the simple steps to install the OP 5T ported camera for all Oneplus devices.

How To Install APK on Rooted OnePlus Devices

Step-1  First of all make sure your OnePlus 5 device is rooted with latest TWRP recovery installed. (Root OnePlus 3 and Root OnePlus 3T)

Step-2 Download the Camera Apk and transfer it to the device storage.

Step-3 Reboot into TWRP.

Step-4 Take a full Nandroid backup of device data.

Step-5 Flash the camera Apk zip.

Step-6 Finally Reboot the device to system.

On the other hand for non-rooted devices simply install normally as you would install any other APK. That’s about it.

So, what are you waiting for.? Go grab the APK and experience the clicker of OnePlus 5T on whichever OP device you may use. Do share your experience with us.

Also, stay connected to us for the latest news, updates, and downloads relating to OnePlus 5T.

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    If I am going to flash LineageOS onto the oneplus 5T can I flash at the same time the camera file with the ROM and majisk – or will I need to do those two first then do the camera?
    Also, once installed can I use a different gallery with the camera?

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