Download and install Samsung Galaxy S8-S8+ Oreo Beta 3

Samsung is rolling out a new OTA update for the Galaxy S8 and S8+ Oreo 3 Beta Program based on Samsung Experience 9.0. We have already seen two Beta updates coming to the devices earlier. Here is the third Android 8.0 Oreo based Beta update for the Galaxy S8 and S8+ with firmware build number G950FXXU1ZQKG and G955FXXU1ZQKG respectively. The update features the latest November 2017 Security Patch along with a fix for the Bluetooth performance as well. The official Nougat is also receiving the latest security patch.

That’s not all. The manufacturer uploaded the full update log in the Samsung Member’s app which includes the new features and bug fixes. The Android 8.0 Oreo Beta brings a new feature called fingerprint gestures. It will let you swipe down on the sensor twice to fully open the quick settings. You will also see an option to hide the notification of “Apps running in background”.

The S8 with model numbers SM-G950F and SM-G955F are receiving build ZQKG. It comes to the international variant and Beta ROM is now available for download in Europe, and South Korea. However, you can still download and install the Beta 3 update using the following methods. See the full changelog and features from below.

Changelog and new features for Samsung Oreo Beta 3 for Galaxy S8/S8+

Samsung’s 3rd Beta Software Update Log (Nov. 23rd)

New Feature:

An option that allows to hide the notification of “Apps running in background”

Bug Fix:

– Biometric Authentication failed with Samsung Pass.
– Music Icon stuck on AOD.
– Time mismatch error
– Touch error when starting game due to changing resolution.
– Sluggish Samsung Keyboard.
– Couldn’t open camera on lockscreen
– Disabled Call waiting tone in volume.
– Touch unresponsive on lockscreen or homescreen.
– Skip 3 seconds in music playback.
– Wi-Fi signal is weak. – Accessibility -> Hearing -> Sound Detectors is force closed.
– Lag in unlocking the device with the fingerprint sensor.
– Volume is muted after carkit power cycle
– Samsung keyboard force closes when selecting emoji
– Slow/delayed blur effect for home – “Android is Starting…” error when existing from secure folder
– There is lag after unlocking the phone with iris, fingerprint
– Touchwiz force closes when a theme has been applied.
– Unable to view mp3 files saved to SD card or play music from SD card
– Delay showing app sharing option
– Unable to pair with the Samsung Gear
– Sometimes Samsung keyboard capitalizes every word when using normal keyboard/swipe.

Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ Oreo Beta 3 update log changelog


The South Korean S8 variants Model and Version – SM-G950N / SM-G955N : ZQKG bring the following bug fixes.

  • Fixed error with Smart Call after turning on Caller ID and spam protection
  • Fixed biometric authentication error with Samsung Pass
  • Fixed contacts merging using KT’s Two Phone
  • Fixed Song info not disappearing on AOD
  • Fixed incorrect phone clocks
  • Fixed touch accuracy being affected with games in different resolutions
  • Fixed stuttering with keyboards while typing
  • Fixed the “You cannot have more than two camera apps open at the same time” notification popping up when opening Camera app from lock screen with Iris scanner turned on
  • Fixed random vibrations from happening
  • Fixed unresponsive phone notification sound buttons while calling
  • Fixed unresponsive touches in lock screen and home screen
  • Fixed music apps skipping the first three seconds of a song
  • Fixed wifi signal strengths
  • Fixed DungFang games not launching
  • Fixed heading into Accessibility -> Hearing -> Sound Detectors crashing the Settings app
  • Fixed slowing down after unlocking the phone with biometric authentications
  • Fixed muting after connecting to Carkit
  • Smoother blur effects transitioning from home screen to app drawer
  • Fixed “Android is starting…” notification showing up in Secure Folders
  • Fixed TouchWiz crashing when applying a theme
  • Fixed reading mp3 files from SD cards and Music Play
  • Fixed slow app lists when clicking on share files
  • Fixed Samsung Gear pairing errors
  • Fixed when typing in English on Samsung Keyboards, the words would end up in caps


Download Samsung Galaxy S8 Oreo Beta 3:

Note 1: If you are coming from Android Nougat, then you can restore the TWRP backup using the following instructions listed below.

Note 2: If you are coming from previous Oreo Beta 3, then wipe the data and then flash Beta 3. You can then restore data from previous Beta.

Here are the TWRP backup updates for the Galaxy S8 and S8+ Oreo Beta 3. See installation instructions below.

Update: Oreo Beta 5 now available. Download from here.

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 G950FXXU1ZQKG | Download | TWRP Flashable
  • Samsung Galaxy S8+ G955FXXU1ZQKG | Download | TWRP Flashable

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ oreo beta 3 downloading

How to install Oreo Beta 3 onto Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+?

Follow the exact same procedure in the tutorial listed in the above link. It has 2 ways to install the Oreo Beta update onto Galaxy S8 and S8+ without losing data. However, both require you to have TWRP recovery installed. One will let you install without losing data and another will let you flash using Oreo Beta 3 by wiping the data.

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