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Finding employees for your online business can be a challenge. Especially when you are looking for skilled workers in your niche. We came across one such app called WorkApp and decided to give it a try. To our surprise, we received many responses in our inbox within a month of posting a job listing. Moreover, WorkApp listing on Google Play Store doesn’t even show any in-app purchases. So you can see it’s completely free and unlimited to use. Promotion of business can be a challenge too. If you have an online blog like ours, you can get a free backlink and views as well. All you need to do is create a business profile, sit back and get the views to your website.

Workapp is more than just a job searching app. It is a multi-purpose platform to connect potential employees to their employers, create classifieds, provides opportunities to establish an online store, sponsor events, and much more. We have been using the app for over a month now and decided to provide a full review to our readers.

Promote business for free with Workapp Android Create business profiles for free with Workapp Android

Promote Business for free

WorkApp lets you create any number of business profiles. This will list your business on the homepage for everyone to see. That way, all the users can easily find and enquire about your business. Listing a profile is simple as well. All you need to do is tap the “+” icon on the main navigation bar and fill out the details. The best part is you can also add links to your website or contact pages. There are no restrictions as long as the content is legit.

Androidsage business profile on workapp

Hire employees for your business on a global level

The advantage of using WorkApp is that you don’t need to pay any fees for listing a job requirement. You need to go through similar steps to create a job listing. Moreover, potential candidates can contact you directly by pressing a simple ‘Enquire’ button. Online businesses such as AndroidSage benefits the most as they can hire authors globally. All the contact information is confidential as long as you share it yourself in a private chat.

Check out our job listing for a content writer on WorkApp:

Androidsage business profile on workapp Androidsage hiring through workapp

Search for work, send direct messages, and get hired

Similar to the business profile, you can create a custom worker profile too. After all it’s called a Work App. The main objective for the app is to connect the employers to employees in the best way possible. With the enquire option, workers can directly contact businesses even if you don’t have a worker profile.

Workapp Search button easily search for anything Directly contact employers using Workapp

Establish an online shop and start selling products via mobile

Workapp is not just limited to business promotion, job listings, or finding jobs. It also opens the opportunity to establish your very own online shop right from your mobile phone. You list multiple products and start selling immediately. There is an option to add Paypal details so buyers can safely transfer money to the sellers. Plus, there are no services charges from Workapp. All the transactions are handled via PayPal. So there is no middle man.

Classifieds create online shop sell products online Classifieds sell products online


Create classifieds and sell anything you desire. Users can swap things and exchange products as well. It lets you buy, sell, rent, or swap goods of all kinds locally or globally with the classifieds features.

Workapp create worker profile for free and get hired Rent your apartment listing

The social network

Users can create their own events, community profiles and send invitations. You can even set the visibility for the event or community to global or local level. The only thing that’s missing is that you can’t follow the community and its latest updates.

Create events Create community page


WorkApp is a multi-purpose application which is designed for all. In the last couple of months of usage and we have got several inquiries about the job listing for our website. Reaching out to a global audience can become easy with this app. With the direct message option, potential employees can directly contact business owners and vice versa. The plus point is you can access WorkApp right from your desktop computer.

The only drawback is that the number of users is limited at the moment and the users are diverse. Which makes it a difficult to find large amount audience in a specific region or country. However, as more and more users sign up for the app the more exposure your business can get. It’s just the matter of time. Hence, list your business today on WorkApp to benefit in the future.

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