OnePlus 5 or OnePlus 4 stock wallpapers for download QHD

The next OnePlus device is speculated to be named OnePlus 5 (1+5). We don’t know what happened to OnePlus 4, though, but the rumors strongly suggest the next devices could be named 1+5. Maybe due to the unanticipated 3T launch which is understood to be the 1+4. There is no official word from the manufacturer at this moment. So we can’t claim their next smartphone name. However, the next OnePlus 5/4 wallpaper has been rendering across the Android community and is believed to be created by the same artist who makes all the Oxygen OS stock wallpapers.

Hampus Olsson, the official artist behind all Oxygen OS firmware stock wallpapers, has dropped a new wallpaper from the next OnePlus device. Earlier, he has also created some art for the popular Paranoid Android custom ROM, Spotify, and much more. The new wallpaper from OnePlus 5/4 are available in both with Never Settle logo and also without the Never Settle text

Earlier today, Evan Blass also twitted asking the community what the wallpaper he uploaded means. He leaked the image of the stock wallpaper from the next OnePlus smartphone. Here is the tweet.

Evan Blass on Twitter_ next OnePlus 5 device

Download OnePlus 5/4 wallpapers stock HD

The download links are listed below. Here is how the preview of the wallpaper with Never Settle text. The one without the text is in the zip below.

Download OnePlus 5 stock wallpaper HD

More wallpaper downloads:

Bonus Never settle pack

Never Settle Wallpaper Pack 15

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Source: Twitter, OnePlusHampus Olsson

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