As the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 official stock firmware is now available for download, contributors, and android enthusiasts have started porting this stunning grace UX on their own smartphones. As we have stated earlier that soon the ROM development will start and ports for other Samsung devices will be available, and we were not wrong. Similar to the popular S7 ROM port that we introduced earlier, here we have one of the first devices to be supported for the Note 7 ROM port (aka Grace UX port); the Samsung S5. The device indeed lucky to support this new Grace UX so early. The listed two two custom ROMS viz, Pure Note 7 ROM and DarkLord Note 7 UX, can be installed on most of the Galaxy S5 variants including SM-G900F/M-G900K/M-G900M/M-G900W8 and almost all Snapdragon variants. This is a great deal for all the S5 users as they can test the new Note 7 firmware before the launch.

The ROMs are custom builds and must be installed via a custom recovery like TWRP. Some of them are hybrid ROMS based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow N9200ZCU2ZPF9 and the Note 7 N930FXXU1APG7 firmware. That means the base firmware is the same as that of S5, whereas the Note 7 apps, UI, panels, framework, etc. have just been ported. Check out the screenshots and features from below. Note that these are initial builds and may come with some bugs. For more information, it is advised to visit the source.

Download Pure Note 7 ROM Port For Galxy S5 Screenshots 3 Download Pure Note 7 ROM Port For Galxy S5 Screenshots 0

Download Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ROM port for Galaxy S5

Download Pure Note 7 ROM Port for Galaxy S5

  • Pure Note 7 ROM Port → Direct Download | File: Pure Note 7 (1.22 GB)

As the name suggests, the Pure Note 7 ROM has been made as close to the new Galaxy Note 7 Grace UI/UX that it is near identical. The firmware is based on the latest N930FXXU1APG7 and the baseband used is the G900TUVU1GPE1 from the Galaxy S5. The ROM comes with the latest Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow OS. So you get the latest software available. Pure Note 7 ROM comes with many S7 and Note 5 apps and features along with the various S panels. The ROM supports all the S5 snapdragon variants with G900L being an exception. The apps are still the same as from the S7 and Note 5 TouchWiz stock ROM. However, there are some bugs with the new version: bugs with NFC (expected to be fixed), maybe some UI bugs, AOD sometimes, Fingerprint, Messages(SMS), Content Scaling.

Some screenshots and features of Note 7 ROM:

  • Claimed to be fast
  • Supports all the S5 snapdragon variants except G900L
  • Smooth
  • Pure Rom i.e, stock forever
  • Deodexed
  • Phoneix 9.5 kernel with edits to boot
  • Rom is pre-released. that means bugs prevail.
  • Converted all the apps to 32bit

Download Darklord Note 7 UX N9200ZCU2ZPF9 For Galaxy S5

This Note 7 ROM is based on the latest S5 baseband N9200ZCU2ZPF9. It supports S5 device variants like SM-G900F/K/M/W8. Other variants may be supported, but have not been tested yet. It claims to bring total Note UX (Grace UI) to the S5 devices. More features below. Bugs: aod, fingerprint, some function cameras 5 (different hardware).

More screenshots and Features Note 7 ROM port for S5:

  • Totally Note 7 Ux
  • Added
  • 3 Minit Battery Mod
  • Notification Recent -apps Rounded
  • Toolbox Music (Flash Zip Post #2 For Mix)
  • Beats-audio/Dolby-atmos/viper4android
  • Kernel Manager
  • The Internet Speed Network
  • Smart-manager V4
  • Xposed
  • Adaway
  • Latest SuperSU

Download Darklord Note 7 UX N9200ZCU2ZPF9 For Galaxy S5

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How to Install Galaxy Note 7 ROM Port on Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900F/K/M/W8/H/V/P and more?

  • Make sure you have TWRP recovery setup.
  • Download Note 7 ROM and transfer to phone storage.
  • Reboot to TWRP.
  • Backup all partitions.
  • Hit Install and select the ROM from internal storage/sd card
  • Reboot to system.

The procedure is simple. Just make sure you have setup the latest TWRP recovery onto your Galaxy S5 device. Once that is done with, backup first and then flash the Note 7 ROM of your choice. For a detailed TWRP tutorial: Samsung Galaxy S7 Marshmallow ROM Port For Galaxy.

Source: Pure Note 7, DarkLord

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