Porting Galaxy Note 7 Apps and ROM For Note and Note Grace UX With HydROM

Amid all the Note 7 rumors, leaks, and allegations, we have already listed the official stock firmware for the model number N930F branded N930FXXU1APG7. With this new TouchWiz firmware comes the stunning Grace UX from the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Even though the device is supposed to be released with Android 7.0, it won’t be available until Google updates the AOSP source for Nougat OS. So you get the newer Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow OS with this OS. Now, the porting of the Note 7 Grace UX has begun for many devices including Galaxy S5, Note 5,  Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, and the Note 4. Below, you will find the stunning HydROM Beta version 2 (Grace UX) that comes with most of the Galaxy Note 7 Apps, features, panels, etc. for the two Note series devices. This custom ROM will let you experience the new UI from Samsung right on your Note 5 and 4. So grab the HydROM from below. UPDATE: Galaxy Note 7 apps and features port is now available for S7, S6, S5, Note 4, Note 5, etc.

Download Galaxy Note 7 Apps and ROM For Note 5 and Note 4 6 Download Galaxy Note 7 Apps and ROM For Note 5 and Note 4 10

Download Note 7 Beta ROM Port For Note 5, 4 and S6 Edge+

Download Note 7 HydROM Beta 2 for Note 5 and S6 Edge plus

  • The HydROM – V 1.0.3 – Download MEGA Link | File: [N920]TheHyROMv1.0.3-release.zip (1.26 GB)
  • The HydROM – V 1.0 – Download MEGA | Mirror OneDrive | Flash after

Add-ons and Fixes:

The main goal of Note 7 HydROM has been to make it as close to the new Galaxy Note 7 TouchWiz UI as possible. Being the Note series device, the S-pen features can also be ported to the Grace UX ROM. The developer has done a great job by porting most of the Note 7 features apps and lots more into this stunning ROM. The firmware is based on the latest N920SKSU2ZPFB baseband for Note 5. Moreover, it features the latest Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow OS. The HydROM is claimed to support almost all of the Note 5 variants. However, it has been tested on INTERNATIONAL, TMOBILE, and N920G variants. There are still some bugs with the new version: some languages are not supported yet. Besides, Edge Lighting feeds, and night clock does not work.

Features of Note 7 HydROM port for Note 5:

  • Based on the latest GRACE UX(N920SKSU2ZPFB)
  • Debloated Lightly
  • Deodexed
  • Korean carrier bloatware, apps, and files are removeMulti-user
  • Support for all the Note5 variants (read source)
  • 5-Way reboot menu
  • Galaxy S7 Edge features as well
  • Note7 Galaxy Apps (For more download the Note7 version of Samsung apps)
  • Some S7 Apps ported (newer ones)
  • S7 UI Sounds and ringtones
  • De-Knox
  • Working FULLY on MOST MODELS

Download Note 7 apps and ROM For Note 4

  • V 1.2 ,BETA 1 -Mirror MEGA | Download AFH
  • V 1.2 ,BETA 2 Upgrade patch (Flash it after BETA1) – Download MEGA
  • TALEXOP kernel for HYDROM – MEGA
  • H-VITAMIN kernel for HYDROM – MEGA

Add-ons and fixes:

    *Wipe Samsung cloud app data after flashing.

This Note 7 ROM is based on the newer Note 4 baseband version and the Note 7 firmware build number N930FXXU1APG7.Supported devices have not been listed yet. However, it most likely works with almost all the Note 4 variants. Other variants may be supported, but have not been tested yet. It claims to bring total Note UX (Grace UI) to the Note 4 devices. More features below. Bugs: Some launcher glitches, Notes app may lag from time to time. Besides, fingerprint, some camera modes, AOD, Night Clock, Edge lighting, and Edge feeds may not work.

Some features of HydROM:

  • Based on N930FXXU1APG7
  • Debloat
  • Deodex
  • Glance, Samsung Themes(Wallpaper, themes, icon packs)
  • Smart Select GIF
  • More GraceUX features
  • Multi-language
  • Deodexed
  • Korean carrier bloatware, apps, and files are removed
  • Multi-user support
  • Multi-window enabled apps
  • Official Multi-DPI (560,640)
  • Force-touch-enabled launcher
  • 5-Way reboot menu
  • All apps on home screen support
  • Ported Note7 Apps, features, themes, galaxy apps, etc
  • De-Knox

Screenshots from Note 7 HydROM:

Warning: Unlocking bootloader, rooting, or installing TWRP or custom ROM may void your device’s warranty. Even though the instructions provided below have been tested on other devices, you should still be cautious about it. We won’t be responsible. Readers discretion is advised.

How to Install Galaxy Note 7 Apps and ROM For Note 5 and Note 4?

Port Grace UX With HydROM

  • Go to developer options and enable USB Debugging. Connect to PC and allow the connection.
  • Make sure OEM Unlock is checked (if running stock) in the developer options.
  • Make sure you have TWRP recovery setup. (For tutorial, look below)
  • Download Note 7 ROM and transfer to phone storage.
  • Reboot to TWRP.
  • Backup all partitions.
  • Hit Install and select the ROM from internal storage/sd card.
  • Now flash the kernel of your choice (H-Vitamin or Talexop for Hydrom). For Note 5 users, Kernel is not required.
  • Reboot to system.

Make sure you have setup the latest TWRP recovery onto your Galaxy Note device. Note 4 users get to this page and TWRP here and Note 5 users get to this page and get TWRP here. Once that is done with, backup first and then flash the Note 7 ROM of your choice. For a detailed TWRP usage tutorial go to this link: Samsung Galaxy S7 Marshmallow ROM Port For Galaxy Note.

Source: XDA Note 4, XDA Note 5

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