Root Samsung Galaxy S5 On Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow

The Samsung Galaxy S5 and many of its variants have been receiving the official Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update.  variants like the Galaxy S5 SM-G900M, SM-G900F and the Korean variants like SM-G900S/L/K are some of the devices running Android M in many regions. The latest ones being the South Asian region, Europe, Korean regions. Now, Chainfire, the developer who brought root access to Android devices, has stepped into releasing a CFAR root procedure for the Galaxy S5 just like other Samsung devices including the Note 5, the Galaxy S6 (Edge, Plus), Galaxy S7 (Edge) and Note 4 with CF-Auto-Root. All these devices run on the latest TouchWiz firmware and the CF-Auto-Root is one of the safest option available to gain root privilege.

However, the CF-Root file is available only for the SM-G900M and Korean variants for the Android 6.0.1. Soon the files may show up for other variants as well. So stay tuned. This procedure is simple and will help you root your device with ease. If you are just looking just for root and not a custom recovery, then all you need to do is download the CFAR file from below and flash it via Odin software and add the CFAR into AP. Before you proceed, take a note that CFAR may sometimes prove unstable for Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. This means that after flashing with ODIN, the device may reboot a few times and may also take around 5 minutes to boot. So you may see some inconsistency at first. The CFAR binaries are regularly updated and you should see a more stable version each time. If it still doesn’t boot, then something has gone wrong, and you should probably reflash your stock boot.img and recovery.img or just restore the full stock firmware onto your device. UPDATE: Galaxy Note 7 apps and features port is now available for S7, S6, S5, Note 4, Note 5, etc.

Download CFAR Files To Root Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 Root on Marshmallow:

  • CFAR for Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900M → Download | File:
  • CFAR for Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900F → Download | File:
  • CFAR for Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900S → Download
  • CFAR for Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900K → Download
  • CFAR for Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900L → Download
  • CFAR for Galaxy S5 SM-G900I → Download | File:

Check out the Repository for latest CFAR Files → Autoroot Repository

Warning: Once you root or install a custom package, your warranty may be void and may trip Knox for Samsung. We at AndroidSage won’t be liable for any damage to your Android device. Reader’s discretion is advised.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 On Android 6.0.1 TouchWiz Update For SM-G900F, G900M, G900S/K/L, G900I


1. Verify your device for compatibility. The listed firmware is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900F, G900M, G900I, G900S/K/L, G900I devices only

2. Enable USB Debugging on your device. To do so, go to Settings>About Phone> Tap on the Build Number several times until you get a new Developer Options in the Settings. Open Developer Options and enable USB Debugging from there. Trust the connection by allowing it when you connect it to your PC for the first time.

3. “Enable OEM Unlock” from Developer Options before you proceed. this is important.

4. Make sure you have latest device drivers setup on your PC for a better connection. Get it from the download section official from the manufacturer.

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Download the exact CF file for your for your Galaxy device. Extract the zip file to get the firmware with .tar or .tar.md5 extension and place at a location where you can easily locate it in your PC. 

Step 2: Now boot your device into Download/Odin Mode. To do so, turn off your device completely and then press and hold Power button + Volume Down + Home keys for a few seconds. If you see a warning sign press Volume up/ Volume down to get the Odin screen.

Step 3: If you already have Odin software on your PC then simply run the Odin3_3.10.7.exe file. If not, then download the file from the download section and extract it. Run Odin software as administrator.

Step 4: While your device is still in the Odin Mode, connect your device to your PC using a USB cable.

Step 5: After a successful connection, the ID: COM in the Odin should turn Blue and an Added!! message should be displayed in the Log tab. In case your device doesn’t show up in Odin, then you can troubleshoot it with the steps given at the end of the tutorial.

Step 6: Now click on AP button and add the firmware file by navigating to the file path. Once added, it should show like this — File Path\

Step 7: Take care that only Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time are selected in the Options tab. Do not check Re-Partition.

Step 8: Once done, verify everything and proceed with installation by selecting Start button.

Step 9: When you get a PASS! message in the Log tab on your Odin software, that means firmware has successfully been installed and the device will restart itself. If not then reboot manually.

That’s it. Boot your device normally and grant root access with SuperSU app. If the system doesn’t boot up for a long time, then go to this link to troubleshoot. Follow and like us on social media. For queries comment down below or leave a message in the forums.

Thanks: Chainfire

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Sarang Avatar

43 responses

  1. Gamod Avatar

    Patiently waiting for the G900F 🙂 great work! 🙂

    1. Sarang Avatar

      CFAR for SM-G900F is here

      1. 1213 1213 Avatar
        1213 1213

        Does this need a factory reset?

  2. laplumeor Avatar

    Me too im waiting for international model G900F

    1. Sarang Avatar

      Updated root for SM-G900F 🙂

  3. Medi Avatar

    Everything works fine but it seems that’s my G900F was not rooted :’D

    1. Sarang Avatar

      Install SuperSU from playstore

      1. Medi Avatar

        I did, but they say “There is no SU binary installed etc…”

        1. Luigi Colella Avatar
          Luigi Colella

          I have the same problem, can anyone help me?

  4. Aroms Avatar

    There will be something there to root the G900FD MM 6.0.1?

    1. Sarang Avatar

      You can check out this method:
      Just make sure you install the TWRP for your variant i.e G900FD. you can find it on official TWRP website.

  5. daktei Avatar

    waiting for sm g900t

  6. mohammed farhan Avatar
    mohammed farhan

    I was wondering if we can flash twrp after this is done.

    1. Sarang Avatar

      Yes you can.

  7. Zachary Coffin Avatar
    Zachary Coffin

    Any eta on G900V?

    1. Sarang Avatar

      I will look for it 🙂

    2. Chardan Avatar

      I am on Android Marshmallow right now, rooted, TWRP recovery, unlocked bootloader…

  8. irvin martinez Avatar
    irvin martinez

    Does anyone know how to root the s5 g900v Verizon model on marshmallow?

    1. Sarang Avatar

      I will get into it 🙂

    2. Chardan Avatar

      I am on Android Marshmallow right now, rooted, TWRP recovery, unlocked bootloader.

  9. Ronie Ruas Avatar
    Ronie Ruas

    what about the SM-G900M?

    1. Sarang Avatar

      You can find it in the very first link in download section

  10. Alvaro Gonzalez Firpi Avatar
    Alvaro Gonzalez Firpi

    I’ve tried on a SM-G900FD (klteduos), with stock android v6.0.1 (updated OTA), with the file “CF-Auto-Root-klte-kltexx-smg900f.tar.md5” (suposedly working on G900FD), and I got this in Odin:

    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    CF-Auto-Root-klte-kltexx-smg900f.tar.md5 is valid.
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Odin engine v(ID:3.1005)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    NAND Write Start!!
    FAIL! (Auth)

    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    … and have no clue on what’s happenning …

  11. Alvin S. Avatar
    Alvin S.

    what about triggering knox and 0x1? also, kann you kompletely uninstall knox?

    1. Sarang Avatar

      Yes. It may most certainly trip knox. You cannot uninstall knox.

      1. Alvin S. Avatar
        Alvin S.

        okay that’s bad, I’ll have to wait until the warranty ends and install a coustom rom then.
        thanks for the answer

  12. António Ferreira Avatar
    António Ferreira

    does this work with any PDA?

  13. Nick Kitson Avatar
    Nick Kitson

    I’ve just bought an ‘as new’ S5 with Marshmello which came with original packaging from Korea. I want to root it and noted that Settings – About Device show the Model number SM-G900F.

    However, when booting into Odin, I initially see Korean script and then English Odim after pressing Vol Up. This identifies the Product Name as SM-G900L, presumably a Korean varient. It also displays
    CURRENT BINARY: Samsung Official
    SYSTEM STATUS: Official
    RP: SWREV: S1, T1, R1, A1, P1

    The full Settings – About Device are
    Model number SM-G900F
    Android version 6.0.1
    Baseband version G900LKLU1CPE`
    Kernel Version 3.4.0-7919656 dpi@SWDD5622 #1 Mon May 2 14:55:26 KST 2016
    Build number MMB29M.G900FXXS1CPEF

    So, I presume this is a Korean model G900L which has been flashed to G900F to sell it to an English market.

    I don’t mind that KNOX has been tripped – the price I paid was pretty good – but I would like to root it. Will I be OK to use CFAR for G900F (ie to root my phone?

  14. annick Avatar

    hi.I completed the steps above and my samsung g900f isnt rooted yet.What apps should i download to root it

  15. Tjeffords Avatar

    Hows the G900V root comming along? And btw Amazing job guys. I was very hopless in the beggining when i accidentally upgraded to marshmallow. I cant wait!!!!!

    1. Chardan Avatar

      I am on Android Marshmallow right now, rooted, TWRP recovery, unlocked bootloader 🙂

  16. Fa Ro Po Avatar
    Fa Ro Po

    Is there any difference depending on which build number the phone got?

  17. Muneer alfakih Avatar
    Muneer alfakih

    can you helpe me
    i want CFAR for Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900H 6.0.1 please help me and thanks for evry one

  18. BillyTheKid Avatar

    “3. “Enable OEM Unlock” from Developer Options before you proceed. this is important.”

    This option didn’t even show up on my device (G900M), but I tried rooting and it worked anyway. Just a heads up for anyone with the same problem.

    1. Best Profile Picture Avatar
      Best Profile Picture

      If it doesnt show up in the developer option, then it means tat it is already unlocked

  19. René GL Avatar
    René GL

    Im really out of my mind because Ive looked everywhere on how to do this with the G900V(The one from Verizon)

    1. Chardan Avatar

      I am on Android Marshmallow right now, rooted, TWRP recovery, unlocked bootloader 🙂

  20. Amir Avatar

    Doesn’t work for me; first it said fail, now it does nothing after I press ‘start’ (just says SetupConnection in the log) and I have a little tiny bit of a filled bar on my phone.

  21. Anton Avatar

    Is it possible to install an custom recovery after i installed the root?

  22. bb Avatar

    Was working for my Galaxy S5-G900F. OEM unlocking option not shown in DevOptions but it worked anyway.

  23. Felipe_S Avatar

    There’s no MDA file in the ZIP file you bastards

  24. Leo SigloXX Avatar
    Leo SigloXX

    Yes, it worked. Sweeeeeeeeeet! Thank you.

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