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Updated May 2017: Fulmics ROM 7.0 is now available for LG G3. Download Fulmics ROM v7.0 or later. One of the most popular Fulmics ROM have been updated to the version 5.0 and is now available for the LG G3. Users have been waiting for the latest version since long and finally, the developer has made the ROM available for all of us. The most important features of this ROM is that it sports the latest LG user interface and hence, the LG G5 UX 5.0 has been ported to this ROM along with most of its apps and features. So now you can feel the LG G5 user interface on your LG G3. Most importantly, it exhibits latest LG v30F base and has been updated to Google’s security patch up to 1/3/2016. The ROM comes with AROMA installer and supports almost all LG G3 models like F400S/F400L/F400K, D850, D851, D852, D855, LS990, US990, VS985. Prior to installation, you can select/deselect MODS like Sharpening Mod (Disabled, 25%, 50%, 75%, Stock), CTT Mod, Custom LG apps removing, Custom Google apps removing, GPS Region fix which makes it flexible.

So in order to install this Fulmics 5.0/ Fulmics 5.1 ROM, you need bootloader unlocked and TWRP recovery installed. It doesn’t matter what firmware you are currently running on your device. The AROMA installer makes it even simpler to choose or exclude features prior to install like Odex or Deodex, Xposed, etc. So if you want to change your entire ROM, then Fulmics could be the one to replace with. However, if you just want to port the LG G5 apps and features, ringtones/notification tones, live wallpapers, and stock wallpapers, then that is also possible with the help of our posts dedicated to LG G3 and G5. For this LG G5 ROM, hit the download section and follow the instructions.

How to Install Fulmics 7.0+ ROM on LG G3

All the files are TWRP flashable zip packages. All you need to do is make sure you have TWRP or custom recovery installed on your LG G3. Once setup, boot into TWRP, wipe the data, go to home screen and tap install and select the file. Swipe to flash the package. Your device will enter the AROMA installer. Choose the features you want and proceed as instructed. Once done, reboot to system. First boot may require several minutes. However, before you proceed, take a full Nandroid backup from within the recovery. For detailed TWRP tutorial, go to this page. Like and share us on social media.

Download Fulmics ROM 7.0 For LG G3 all variants

  • Fulmics ROM 5.1 For LG G3 → Download |
    File: 1.66 GB

You may also like Limitless ROM v5.0 with AROMA Installer. This is another ROM that can turn your LG G3 into LG G5 with features like the new LG UX 5.0 port, LG G5 apps, and features port, 30E stock firmware, optimized for battery life and stability, Busybox, ViPER4Android Audio Effects v2.4.0.1, Xposed Support, and much more.

Fulmics ROM Features

  • Android 6.0+
  • Based on latest LG v30F base
  • Multi-carrier support
  • Root, busybox and init.d support
  • Updated CTT Mod for 6.0 compatibility
  • Updated SuperSU to latest 2.65
  • Ported Full UX 5.0 and apps from LG G5
  • Ported 50+ tweaks to the new base
  • Added camera Timelapse Video feature from LG G5
  • Sysro / Sysrw binaries
  • Battery life, performance and memory improvements
  • Sqlite support
  • Disabled logging & removed bloatware
  • Fulmics Tweaks – tons of tweaks!
  • Fulmics HUB – download mods/addons/kernels/etc directly on your phone!
  • Fulmics OTA – keep up to date with latest fixes!
  • APM (Advanced Power Menu: Reboot, Hot Reboot, Recovery, Safe Mode)
  • Camera: 60 FPS (FullHD), 64Bit (4k), 100% Quality (jpeg)

Fulmics 7.0 changelog:


  • Updated Magisk to latest 12.0 version
  • Updated Magisk Manager to latest 4.3.3 version
  • Updated all LG apps to their latest version


  • Added full Magisk & MagiskSU support
  • Added ability to select different rooting modes during installation:
    • MagiskSU (recommended)
    • SuperSU in system-less mode
    • SuperSU in system mode
  • Added ability to remove more LG apps during installation:
    • LG Health
    • LG Smart Settings
    • LG Weather


  • Fixed mismatched libs, causing potential memory leaks and battery drain

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4 responses

  1. JMG Avatar

    I installed this fulmics rom on my LG G3 ls990 which im using as a gsm device and BLUETOOTH IS NOT WORKING,neither can i set my NETWORK APN!other than that it is fast and fluid.

    1. IQLogic Avatar

      Install Fulmics 5.1 and use OTA to update it to the 5.2 🙂

  2. bill farrell Avatar
    bill farrell

    i had a update sent to my lg g3 for fulmic 5.1 was not sure how to install it . it opened up twrp and then i lost it. any help with this please.

  3. Said Avatar

    What about LG G3 D856? Can I instal UX5 to D856?

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