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LG presented its newest phone at the recently held MWC 2016 event in Barcelona, the LG G5. The G5 is a stunning Android device with an innovative design and comes with the latest LG UX 5.0. It can be termed as a successful effort to make a modular phone as it can be replaced with new hardware like CamPlus for enhanced camera features. The G5 is just around the corner though and the pre-order has already started in many countries and by some of the US carriers as well. Developers have been successful in porting the LG G4 apps and features like LG Camera, Music, Video Player, Gallery, some UI features and much more. The port is available for LG G3 and LG G4 for now. With time, you may see more such ports to other devices as well. Moreover, the system dump from the LG G5 Global and T-Mobile is also available. Soon, you can see this ROM ported to other LG devices. If you have been following our LG G5 posts, then you may already know that the stock wallpapers and live wallpapers are now available to download for any Android device. Recently, we brought to you the Ringtones, UI tones and Notification tones extracted from the G5’s firmware. UPDATE: LG G5 ROM Port for Lg G3 all variants with Fulmics and Limitless ROM.

Download LG G5 Stock Apps and Features

  • For LG G4
    • G5 Camera Port for LG G4 → Download | Look below
    • G5 Live Wallpapers for LG G4 → Download
  • For LG G3 Apps Port
  • More LG G3 Port
    • Flashable G5 Launcher for LG G3 → Download
    • Uninstall LG G5 Launcher for LG G3 → Download

Download LG G5 Camera port for the LG G4

  • LG G5 Camera → Download | File: G5 Camera  For G4 Moded
  • Restore the original LG G4 camera → Download | File: Stock

Download LG V10 Camera port for the LG G4 and G3 [APK Download]

  • LG V10 Camera → Download | File: LGCameraAppV10_v4_by_yener90.apk

Ported Apps For LG G3 Launcher

  • LG Calculator
  • LGCalendar
  • LGContacts
  • LGDialer
  • LGEmail
  • LGFileManager
  • LGGallery
  • LGMusic
  • LGMusicWidget
  • LGQRemote
  • LGVideo
  • LGVoiceRecorder

How to Install LG G5 Stock Apps on LG G3 and G4

All the files are TWRP flashable zip packages. All you need to do is make sure you have TWRP or custom recovery installed on your LG G3 and LG G4 device. Once setup, boot into TWRP , tap install and select the file. Swipe to flash the package. However, before you proceed, take a full Nandroid backup from within the recovery.

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