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Install Moto X Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Firmware Update [Factory Images]

Moto X devices like Moto X Play, Pure, Style and much more have been receiving Android 6.0 Marshmallow firmware update for a couple of months now and near about all the devices have been updated. Some of the variants like XT1563 and XT1562 have received Android 6.0.1 update as well. Now, the official Marshmallow firmware files (factory images) are now available for the for Moto X. Files for the variants XT1572, XT1570, XT1562, XT1563, XT1575, XT1580 and much more are available listed in the download section below.

These are stock firmware files that will take your device to Marshmallow and restore it to full stock. So, if for any reason you have not received the Marshmallow update over the air, then hit the download section below and verify your device from the list. We have listed full stock firmware files if you wish to restore stock firmware and revert all the changes made to the system. Also, if you are looking for root access on Marshmallow, get to this page.

Download Marshmallow For Moto X

Full Stock Firmware for Moto X Play/Pure/ More

Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow:

Direct Mirror Links for Moto X Play

Baidu File DirectoryLink

Moto X XT1575

Moto X XT1572

Moto X XT1563

Moto X XT1580

Moto X Other

Moto X XT1563

Moto X XT1092/97

Moto X XT1563/62/75/80

Moto X XT1092/97

Moto X XT1572

More Firmware Files

Marshmallow Factory Image for Moto G → Like

Full stock firmware for other Moto E variants→ Link

Full stock firmware for other Moto E variants→ Link

Marshmallow Moto X Pure Full Factory Images → Link

Marshmallow firmware for Moto X 2014Link

Marshmallow firmware for Moto G2 & G3 Link

I you would like to know how to flash this factory images on your Moto X device and revert it back to stock, then get to thi tutorial on “How to Flash Marshmallow Full Factory Image on Moto X Play, Pure, Style and More”  Also see How to capture latest OTA file URL for your Moto device.

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