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The new Android Auto is here - APK Download

Google released a major build version push to Android Auto version 10. It features a new vertical sidebar for the Google Maps interface with better accessibility and ease of use. Android Auto 10.1 update also focuses on stability and improves existing features such as Coolwalk, Dark Mode, DND, Digital Key, and much more.

Android Auto 10 enabled Google Maps usage on both – your smartphone as well as the car head unit simultaneously. This is great for non-touchscreen head units or users who find using phone more convenient for navigation.

Google is improving on this by testing a new left-aligned sidebar design for Google Maps on Android Auto v10.1. Here, download the latest Android Auto 10.1 APK.

The current user interface of Google Maps on Android Auto places buttons for map zoom, compass, and voice navigation settings at the bottom aligned to the lower left corner of the UI. While this arrangement works for some functions, it creates inconsistencies when it comes to accessing certain controls.

To address these issues, Android Auto 10.1 adds a new vertical sidebar at the left that neatly stacks all the important buttons together, making them easily accessible for users.

The Settings button now joins the other controls on the left side, and it is top-aligned for better visibility and usability. The map zoom buttons remain at the bottom for familiar navigation.

As for the rest of the features, starting Android Auto 8.9, Google has removed dependency for rotary and touchpad from the system. This has been verified with DHU and HUR by some users. With these restrictions gone, Android Auto can unlock several features, including Coolwalk, on most car head units.

Read all about Android Auto Coodwalk UI here.

The latest update also adds Coolwalk support for third-party apps including Waze, WhatsApp, Google Messages, etc.

In addition, Google is introducing a seekable progress bar for music and podcasts so you may skip ahead in a song or episode.

Starting with the latest Pixel and Samsung phones, you can soon make calls using WhatsApp with Android Auto.

You can currently share your digital car key between Pixel and iPhone to provide trusted friends and family access to your automobile.

If you are an Android Auto beta tester, follow this tutorial on how to force enable Coolwalk on any AA-enabled device.

A new pause icon is now available in the taskbar widget for music. While the icon was always present, it has been redesigned.

New pause icon on 9.3.131344-release.daily in the taskbar widget

The Android Auto 10 update features an interesting option to change the layout of the split-screen to either Media or Navigation closer to the driver.

  • Media closer to driver
  • Navigation closer to driver

You can do this from your phone or directly from the car display.

new option in android auto - choose the layout of the split screen
new option in android auto – choose the layout of the split screen

Android Auto 10.1 APK Download

Get the latest Android Auto v10.1.633013 for all car head units and smartphones here.

Register for Android Auto Beta Tester

Download Android Auto from Play Store

Android Auto
Android Auto
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

How to enable Coolwalk? Troubleshooting

Tutorial: How to Enable Coolwalk on Android Auto without Root.

  1. Go to Settings > Apps
  2. Search for Android Auto
  3. Force Stop
  4. Clear Cache under Storage
  5. Clear Data under Storage
  6. Search for Google Play Services
  7. Clear Cache under Storage
  8. Clear Data under Storage
  9. Search for Google
  10. Clear Cache under Storage
  11. Clear Data under Storage
  12. Restart phone
  13. Wait an hour or two for the update to take effect.

Do not connect your phone to Android Auto for some time. It may take longer to activate Coolwalk.

You can check in your Android Auto phone settings if you have the weather option (means no coolwalk) or the widgets option (means you have coolwalk)

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