Google Pixel Watch April 2023 update is now live

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Google Pixel Watch April 2023 update

Google Pixel Watch has received monthly software update ever since its launch. The previous March 2023 update was the biggest one so far as it brought Fall Detection feature across the globe. It also optimized the touchscreen for better operation of the watch and tons of other features. Today, Google rolled out the latest April 2023 update for the Pixel Watch.

Fall Detection is a feature that uses sensors and algorithms to detect if the wearer has taken a hard fall. If it detects a fall, the watch will immediately vibrate and display an alert asking if the wearer is okay. If there is no response within a set time, the watch will automatically call emergency services and share the wearer’s location.

The fall detection feature on their Pixel Watch is now available globally. You can find it under the ‘Updates’ page on the Watch Companion app or directly on the Pixel Watch in the Personal Safety app.

Google Pixel Watch Fall Detection

As for the April 2023 update, this is just the security patch bump to the latest one. There are no other changes. Looks like the software on Pixel Watch is pretty stable now. Plus includes all the Android Security Bulletin.

The software version has also changed to RWDA.230114.010.G2.

The previous March 2023 update comes with the following changes:

 Watch Faces

  • Digital Clock is now available with button press when the device is powered down. The time will now appear upon crown push, alongside the red low battery indicator.


  • In addition to tap, tilt, button press to wake the watch, you can now rotate the Crown to wake.


  • Optimizations have been added to improve sensitivity of touch screen behavior.


  • Battery saver enable/disable single tap support in QSS has been fully enabled in this release.


  • In the coming weeks, a fix will be rolled out via PlayStore to update the Clock app that addresses some alarms which have been having a delayed or false start. 
  • Ensure Auto-update apps is selected in Play Store > Settings on your watch and you will get this update once it’s available when your watch is on charger and connected to Wi-Fi.

As highlighted in our March Feature Drop post, these features are now also available with this software update:


  • Mono-audio which limits the disorientation of split-audio
  • New color-correction and greyscale modes that better optimize the display for a wider range of vision preferences.

Fall Detection

  • Your Pixel Watch now has fall detection which can detect if you’ve taken a hard fall and connect you to emergency services. Once connected to emergency services, your Pixel Watch will play an automated message to request help to wherever you are.

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