Google Pixel Watch Fall Detection feature now rolling out to everyone

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Google Pixel Watch Fall Detection

Google’s first smartwatch, the Pixel Watch, has been receiving some quality-of-life updates ever since its launch inclduing some useful features and support for various Google apps. Google has finally introduced the most anticipated Fall Detection feature in its Pixel Watch.

Fall Detection is a feature that uses sensors and algorithms to detect if the wearer has taken a hard fall. If it detects a fall, the watch will immediately vibrate and display an alert asking if the wearer is okay. If there is no response within a set time, the watch will automatically call emergency services and share the wearer’s location. This can be especially useful for older adults, those with medical conditions, and anyone who may be at risk of falls.

This feature can be turned on under ‘Updates’ page on the Watch Companion app or directly on the Pixel Watch in the Personal Safety app.

This comes in addition to the  Emergency SOS on the Pixel Watch and car crash detection in the Personal Safety App available on Pixel phones.

Today, Google Tweeted as well as published a blogpost detailing the Pixel Watch Fall feature. Checkout the details below.

As for how it works, if the wearer takes a hard fall and the watch detects they aren’t moving for about 30 seconds, the Pixel Watch will vibrate, sound an alarm and display an on-screen notification to check on you. You can tap ‘I’m OK’ on the watch face to dismiss the notification or tap ‘I fell & need help’ to be connected to emergency services right away.

Google Pixel Watch Fall Detection

If you don’t respond at all, the alarm will continue for about a minute, getting louder in the final few seconds. Then the watch will automatically attempt to call emergency services and play an automated message that requests help wherever you are.

This is a much-needed feature and brings the Pixel Watch one step closer to the Apple Watch 8 in terms of software.

As usual, this feature will start rolling out in the United States first and later spread to other parts of the globe including UK, Europe, and Asia.

The Fall Detection feature is now rolling out to the Pixel Watch devices as a health and safety measure, making it a valuable accessory for those concerned about their well-being.

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