Download AMD Drivers for Windows 11

Microsoft just released its next-generation Windows 11 operating system to the public under stable release channel; after minths long Windows Insider program. Windows 11 was announced back in June 24 via a live event, with an official public release on October 5, 2021. We are constantly tracking the progress of Windows 11 via Dev channel and Beta channel. A lot of hardware and software companies are actively rolling out support for Windows 11. The most crucial Nvidia drivers were just recently updated as well. Here are are all the AMD drivers updated in support of Windows 11. Download the latest AMD drivers here!

The AMD Ryzen CPPC2 (Prefered Core Driver) is out for Windows 11. The latest AMD chipset drivers come with build version So when you are searching AMD drivers for Windows 11, get the version which is higher than the one listen earlier.

This is what the release note says:

Restores intended function and behavior of UEFI CPPC2 (“preferred core”) in Windows® 11 build 22000.189 (or newer) on AMD processors. For additional information, please visit AMD knowledge base PA-400

According to sources, this restores the CPPC2 for Ryzen processors. The drivers will certainly increase performance for AMD Ryzen and other processors.

The initial tests looks promising as the Preferred Core seems completely fixed. We still need the latest Windows Beta channel update under stable or release channel so it fixes the L3 latency issue for AMD Ryzen processors.

Download AMD Drivers for Windows 11

As of writing some of the major boards have already received Windows 11 AMD driver updates. This includes the following:

There are two ways to download AMD Drivers.

#1. AMD Driver Autodetect

AMD Driver Autodetect will automatically identify and install the latest drivers for your chipset released from AMD themselves and also detect the operating system.

#2. Manually download AMD drivers EXE file

Finally, you can manually download the Nvidia drivers for your specific Graphics card.

  • Firstly, on your PC search for Device Manager and open it.
  • Under Processors you will see your chipset and under Display Adapters tab, you will see your graphics card.
  • Visit AMD Drivers download center here.
  • Search for your specific chipset as shown below.
AMD Drivers Download and Support for Radeon Radeon Pro FirePro APU CPU Ryzen desktops laptops
  • You should get a download link once you select and hit the submit button.

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