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Chrome OS is about to get a major redesign with new user interface, animations, features, and even wallpapers. This is like the next version of Android OS for phones that we get every year; but for desktops and laptops. Chrome OS, if you don’t already know is a very popular operating system for computers. While it may not be as popular as Windows 10, as it is open source just like Android, Chrome OS has a great support and can be installed on almost any PC. As the operating system is readily available to install, the devices are also very inexpensive. Here are the Chrome OS 2020 wallpapers for download.

Google will unveil the big update to Chrome OS, possibly in their upcoming event set for September 30, 2020 where the search giant will launch new flagship phones called Pixel 5 or 5s. Apple just unveiled their stunning iOS 14 for iPhones, iPad OS 14 for iPads, new Watch OS, Apple TV OS 14, and the popular MacOS Big Sur for the MacBooks and iMac. It is now time for Google to shine with their Android OS 11, TV OS 11, and Chrome OS 2020.

So download and install latest ChromeOS 2020 wallpapers from below and set it on your Android phones, Apple iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, laptops, Windows desktop, etc.

Download Chrome OS 2020 14, iPad OS 14, MacOS wallpapers

Google’s Chrome OS 2020 wallpapers come in three variants including Artwork, Abstract, and Palette. Download a total of 36 new Chrome OS wallpapers here! Here is a preview. The actual downloads are listed below.

Chrome OS Wallpapers 2020 downloads


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