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Updated: Samsung starts rolling out One UI 2.1 OTA update for the Galaxy Note 9 in the United States for all carriers including Sprint (SPR), AT&T (ATT), Verizon (VZW), T-Mobile (TMB), and unlocked variants. Download and installation instructions below.

Original: Samsung recently rolled out One UI 2.1 firmware update for the Note 9 and the Galaxy S9 series globally for the Exynos variants. Most of the regions have been covered by now including the Asian and European countries. While the North American region is always late to deliver the latest updates for their supported Android smartphone due to various network carrier restrictions, the One UI 2.1 firmware update for the Verizon Note 9 has finally arrived.

Starting today, users of Galaxy Note 9 on the locked Verizon (VZW) network have started receiving latest One UI 2.1 OTA update with a new firmware build number N960USQU4ETG1. The same is expected to come for Sprint, T-Mobile, and Unlocked Note 9 (SM-N960U1) variants soon enough. Following Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10 Plus, Samsung also released One UI 2.1 update for the Galaxy S9 series and Note 9 devices. The reason why everyone is so excited about One UI 2.1 is because it brings all the features from the latest flagship Galaxy S20.

One UI 2.1 update includes Single Take camera feature from the Galaxy S20 series. This feature automatically shoots photos and videos with all of the cameras and functions, then pulls out the best shots and moments in one album. However, Single Take may consume a whole lot of space on your phone. Quick share is another cool feature. It is like the Aridrop (from Apple iPhones) or the Nearby Sharing feature from Google for the Samsung devices. It also brings the latest July 2020 security patch level.

Most anticipated features come to the stock Samsung Camera app with Pro mode for videos. This allows you to set ISO, exposure, etc. while video recording as well. Other camera updates induce AR zone, single take, professional video, own filters, selfie sound, time lapse for the night and a mode for recording videos with the front camera in FHD / UHD at 60 fps. Updated Gallery apps with new functions, updated Samsung keyboard, Music Share, and AR Emoji. The complete changelog is listed below.

One UI 2.1 update features

Here are all the new One UI 2.1 features and changes that can be expected for the Note 9. Note that not all features will come to the Snapdragon Note 9 series. Read about all the One UI 2.1 features from our Samsung Galaxy S10 series post.


  • Quick Share
  • Music Share
  • Deep sleeping apps
  • Changes in few settings pages
  • More screen zoom options
  • Created seperated keyboard category.
  • Added Live Captions in missing features.
  • Changed the design of the list a bit.


  • Single Take
  • Pro Video
  • AR Zone (Picture Link, updated AR Emoji)
  • AR Doodle
  • My Filters
  • Shot Suggestions
  • Selfie Tone
  • Smooth zoom transition
  • Recording with shutter button in Photo mode
  • Swipe down gesture on the shutter button
  • Night Mode on selfie camera
  • Zooming in Night Mode
  • Changed “Night Mode on telephoto” to “Zooming in Night Mode” because it almost always just crops from normal camera


  • My Files – Network Storage
  • Gallery – Quick Crop and Clean View
  • Messages – Categories and custom chat backgrounds
  • Samsung Dex – Snapping windows with mouse
  • Link to Windows/Your Phone – Shared clippoard
  • Added Clean View to Gallery app
  • Added Dex and Your Phone apps


  • New design
  • Better haptic feedback (for example when deleting text)
  • Undo/Redo gestures
  • Spotify and Netflix integration
  • Search, Translate and Samsung Pass were added
  • Changes in Handwriting mode

However, there are still some features missing from the One UI 2.1 that should have been added from the Galaxy S20. Here is a list of missing features:

  • Night Hyperlapse
  • Switching lenses, when recording
  • 30s shutter speed
  • Smart selfie angle
  • Live Captions

Download One UI 2.1 update for Snapdragon Galaxy Note 9

You can update your Note 9 to One UI 2.1 by two methods:

  1. Download the OTA update by going to Settings > System Updates > Download OTA updates manually.
  2. Flash the full stock firmware using Odin FlashTool. However, this will also factory reset your device and you will lose all data. So it is recommended that you backup your phone completely!

How to download and install One UI 2.1 firmware update for Note 9?

The full stock firmware can be downloaded directly from Samsung Severs using two amazing tools. The SamFirm (Samsung Firmware Downloader) tool and the newly added Frija (also a Samsung Software Downloader) will let you download the latest stock firmware (that comes in a .TAR file extension) for any of your Samsung Galaxy devices. So you can basically download the full firmware update (One UI 2.1 based on Android 10) for your Snapdragon Note 9. Once you have the full stock firmware, you can easily flash it using the Odin FashTools.

Note that the full stock One UI 2.1 firmware zip is currently available for the Snapdragon Galaxy Note 9 (SM-N960U) (Comcast CCT) variant. While we are downloading the full stock firmware for the Comcast (CCT) Note 9 variant, you can also check for the locked or unlocked Note 9 variants Sprint (SPR), AT&T (ATT), Verizon (VZW), T-Mobile (TMB), etc.

  • First, download and extract the latest SamFirm tool or the Frija Samsung Firmware Downloader.
  • Go to About Phone under Settings on your S10+ and note down the model number like Galaxy Note 9 (SM-N960U).
  • Find the CSC code for your Galaxy Note 9 phones from here. Also known as region or product code. In this case use CCT for Android 10 One UI 2.1.
  • Input the model number and region code.
  • Select or check the Auto box.
  • Also, check decrypt automatically box.
  • Hit check updates option.
  • Once the details are shown, hit the download button.
  • See how to install One UI 2.1 full firmware via Odin flash tool.
download One UI 2.1 firmware update for Note 9


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