[Download] Moto G7 Power gets Android 10 OTA update

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Moto G7 Power stable Android 10 OTA update

Last month, Moto G7 and Moto G7 Plus reportedly started receiving stable Android 10 firmware update across the globe in phased manner. Over-the-air update is now available in many countries of Europe and Asia. For those still stuck on Android 9 Pie can upgrade their Moto G7 and G7 Plus by downloading the full stock firmware from our previous post and installing it. Today, we are receiving stable Android 10 for Moto G7 Power.

Just a few day ago, Moto G7 Play got the Android 10 update. It is now time for the Moto G7 Power to get the same treatment. A Reddit user u/Milan2595 from Hungary, Europe got a notification on his/her Moto G7 Power for an upgrade to stable Android 10 firmware. The update features Android 10 and all of its goodies like dark mode, gesture navigation, privacy control along with newer 2020 security patch level; don’t know which one in particular. It also comes with a new firmware build number QPO30.52-29.

Moto G7 Power gets Android 10 OTA update downloading

The update quotes:

Android 10: Android is more secure and easier to use than ever. Check out the new gesture navigation, system-wide dark theme, and better notification control with suggested actions and silent groups. You also have more control over privacy and security to ensure that your data is always protected.

So it comes with dark mode or theme, new gesture navigation system, enhanced privacy and location control, notification customization, etc. This may very well be the last Android update that the Moto G7 series. So make the most of it.

Download Android 10 for Moto G7 Power

Here you will find the Moto G7 Power’s Android 10 full update or the full stock firmware. Search for the codename “ocean” and your specific region. You will get it.

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